Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday. November 6, 2013

Boo and Beast. Who have become fast friends.
Everybody needs a buddy.

Cordova, mom of the Iditarod puppies, was spayed last Tuesday.
She is the biggest cutie-pie, I am in love with her.

Teddy, here for a weird bump in the armpit (always something to have looked at immediately), also has a thin hair coat and an abnormal liver value.
He is a case in progress. It may be nothing, it may be something.
His mom and I are running more tests to figure this out.
But ask him how he is feeling and he will tell you "I'm fabulous! You?"

Boomer the voracious, mischievous, but, oh so happy and sweet, Lab in his Halloween costume.
Fitting because he has had three trips to the ER for eating massive amounts of unattended, unsecured foodstuffs in the kitchen. If you leave him alone he will keep himself entertained, ruin your kitchen, and bankrupt you with ER charges.

Hailey and Quest, soccer teammates.

Emmy May, aka "Elbow" in her bright shiny smiley face!

Phoebe, who is here for her annual exam.
She is Beau's best bud and is helping to keep the peace.
Once again, it proves that our pets need a buddy.
When Beau lost Brea his parents adopted Phoebe.
Phoebe was the dog of a client entering long term hospital care.
She was brought to us to be put down because they thought that no one would want her.
Thankfully, they were wrong.

Henry. Growing up, now 6 months old. In his first Halloween costume!
SOO cute!

Palmer. One of Cordova's puppies.
In her first Halloween costume.
How can this not bring a smile to your face?

Me, in costume, at No Kill Harfords Howl-0-ween party.

Me and my date.
I am the Black Widow Spider Bride, and my hubby is my new recently deceased groom.
He is a great sport! Not every husband allows make-up and cocooning.

My beloved and Kelly, our Jarrettsville Vet kennel manager and No Kill Harford founder.

Not a patient, I promise.
Although I would be curious to know if he is on a well rounded commercially available kibble?
Someone needs to enter that on the recall list.

Tootsie came to say "hello" on Sunday, and get her nails trimmed.
She gets them trimmed monthly at the groomer, but they grow abnormally due to her bad skin and need more aggressive trimming to keep them from curling under making it painful for her to walk.

Bruna and Fredo. An interesting pair.
Fredo the new puppy tries desperately to befriend the reserved, somewhat cranky old lady other King Charles Cavalier, of the house, Bruna,
who will  not give him a second glance.
Yes, we all need a buddy, but sometimes it has to be the right buddy.

My favorite feline, Rizzy, with Angela, our receptionist.

Rizzy, and Lulu, who both refuse to forego claiming their spot under the front desk.

Sam, the Addisonian, caution dog (always needs a muzzle) here on Monday to fix his cruciate rupture.
For the first week of November 2013 he is the patient I am most grateful that did well.
These can be hard cases to manage.
He was a double whammy!

Zoey, now 7 months old, was spayed on Monday.
She has an appointment in two weeks to get her bad hip looked at again.
She will be at VOSM soon to get this corrected.

Harley and Brutus, at 6 months old, neutered and spayed on Monday.

Savannah (in her modest Halloween attire) and Jekyll on Thursday.
Savannah is doing well, eating, happy and getting around.
Fingers crossed and feeling grateful.

If you have any pet related questions you can find me, and a whole host of incredibly helpful people at Pawbly.com, or on Twitter @FreePetAdvice.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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