Thursday, November 21, 2013

Is Your Dog Your Fairy God Mother?

It is pretty common knowledge that dogs have been bred, trained, and used to help mankind for a long, long time. Examples include hunting for food, protecting flocks, and guarding homes. It isn't very surprising that this inter-dependence has caused us to grow more and more fond of our canines. For many of us in current day time we need our pets to keep us calm, happy, fit, and we benefit by living longer healthier lives because of them.

Joe and Jek

There is a study underway at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center training dogs to detect ovarian cancer tissue in women before anyone knows it is there. Why is this so important? Because ovarian cancer is described as the "invisible killer" only being found after it has spread and made more difficult to treat. Just like training dogs to detect bombs we can train dogs to detect the minute subtle changes in women carrying ovarian cancer. The study and work could change the way we diagnose cancer, and our ability to detect it at the earliest stages. More on this study here, Canine's Cancer Sniffing Snouts Showing 90% plus accuracy.

My Magpie.

I have been writing about my dogs (and cats) for a long time. About how they need more than just me, and how they are incredibly complex, complicated, intelligent, and remarkable beings. About how they came to my home, how they filled voids in my life, and how I made it through the toughest moments of my life because I had them beside me.

Me and tiny baby Jekyll

It is the newest example of how our dogs are saving lives, and improving our lives. Could your dog be your fairy god mother?

Jekyll snug in bed between us.

I know that my dogs, cats, and yes, even my pig, are mine. They enrich my life everyday of my life.

Dogs are being trained to detect breast cancer and prostate cancer with incredible accuracy. More on this here at Steve Dales blog.

Other miraculous dog stories:


Cancer detecting dog saves the woman who trained her.

Pit bull saves woman's son just days after she saves him.

CBS 3 Philly News, Health: New Study Underway Training Dogs To Detect Deadly Form Of Cancer

And some additional inspiring pet stories.

Dog that can sniff out termites

Former Police Dog Helps Addicts

Pet Tales. Stories of Why Pets Love Their Parents

Pets For Patriots. Dogs Helping Veterans

A dog who saves his dads life after he ski's off a cliff.

Our typical family portrait

And for all of us cat lovers, who know that our kitties save our lives every single day, there is this story.
Staff Sgt Knott's Life Saving Kitten

My dearly departed D.C.

If you have any amazing pet stories to share, or ways in which your pet has helped to make your life better please share them.

If you have any pet related questions you can find me at Pawbly, or on Twitter @FreePetAdvice.

Have you hugged your pet today? I hope so!

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