Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday for November 13, 2013

Ellie, a morkipoo.. just plain ADORABLE!

Dodger, a rescued Boston Terrier

Arizona. Also here for a post-op cruciate repair re-check.

One of my all time favorite couples.
Chloe and her dad. Inseparable buddies.

Tigger II, here because he isn't feeling well.Hope you are feeling better soon!

Another one of my all time favorite names. Dew Drop, the rat terrier.
Safe from harms way in dads arms.

Buddy, here for his post-op tie back re-check.
Oddly, he is from Jakes family.
Jake had his surgery about 2 years ago.

Minnie, Murray, and Gannon visit for Halloween.

Minnie, the rescued dobie, as a turtle for Halloween.

Tiki, the temperamental chihuahua.

Mac, here for a re-check of his demodex, adds another problem to his list;
bloody urine, or what vets call it, hematuria.

The remaining Iditarod puppies. Here for vaccines.

Sparkle. Oh, how I love that name.

Brutus, here for his neuter.

This is Sam. He is a scared Addisonian dog with a recent cruciate rupture.
He is a special case for many reasons.
A chronic disease with limited good surgical medical options, a caution dog that must always be muzzled, and his parents have already spent a small fortune on him.
His case requires thinking, acting, and treating out of my normal comfort zone.
Oh! How I love a challenge (partial sarcasm here!).

I did lots and lots of reading and research on how to best care for him and his many medical challenges.
I also had many talks with his parents to make sure we were all on the same page and all prepared for any and all possible surprises!

Sam during his cruciate surgery.
As fate would have it, he also had some bad teeth.
Not a big surprise when the vet can't ever get a look in your mouth!
We cleaned his teeth, pulled the bad ones.
Not an ideal scenario in yet another respect.

Sam, three days post-op.
Already standing on his leg!
Another score for team Jarrettsville Vet!
Continued speedy recovery Sam!

My kitchen. Getting ready for the holidays!
Happy Hump Day Everyone!

See you all soon!

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Please remember to Always Be Kind.


  1. Gannon! he was at FARM early in the year...a friend who fosters with them tried to talk us into rescuing him (we weren't ready at the time). glad to see a picture of him. :)

  2. You always have such cuties but.....I don't think I have seen any doxies and that is starting to worry me. Are you a doxie free vet clinic??? :0) (I'm just kiddin!) My sister had hematuria for some years and we never did find out what the cause was. Lots of stress, tests, and worry to find out it was idiopathic (we think). She is gone now but seeing that made me think of her!