Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wordless Wednesday November 20, 2013

Nova the rescue pitbull puppy.

Charlie, my pit bull puppy Begging mercilessly.

Charleston, reminding us where the treat jar is.


Charleston and Palmer meet.

Honey with her mom and a full detailed list of all of her ailments and treatments.
I love to see medical notes from home
It is a rare and wonderful thing to see a mom so committed to taking care of their kitty.

Coot, our resident kitty.
He's always looking for a spot to claim to catch a quick catnap.

Taylor, here for her allergies, again.

Savannah, nap time.
My day, and my nights are completely dictated by her ability to sleep.
Although we may have figures this problem out.
Her blog about this will be published tomorrow.

Does anyone remember those pencils that we spun in our hands in elementary school with the fuzzy heads?
Or does she just use too much texturing gel?

Tyrone, was discovered to have dry eye.
That left eye will be feeling better soon with his new eye drops.
If your pet has a chronic goopy eye have your vet look at it, and ask about a Schirmer Tear test to check for adequate tear production.

Sandy, sticking her tongue out instead of saying "cheese!"

Baby Becket

This little guy was here over a week ago with a terrible upper respiratory infection,
 high fever, and was very very sick!
After some fluids and staying in the hospital a few days and a course of antibiotics he is all better!

You cannot say "No" to that face!

Not every patient is this happy to see me!

Annie, who still acts like she is a puppy.
After all, age is just a number!

Another pet here for flea allergy dermatitis.
We have seen record numbers of pets with fleas who are still on a very good monthly preventative.
If your dog, or cat is having an issue with fleas please call us, we can help.
I promise!
Please don't buy inferior products, or bathe them, or use something not advised by the vet.
We have had a handful of pets get very sick from overdosing or using a toxic product!

Delia, an older German Shepherd.
Recently rescued by Black Dogs and Company.
Under going treatment for a severe skin allergy, infection, and malnourishment.

I sort of fell in love with little Bruno.

Can you blame me?

Magpie, my art studio companion.
She has claimed this room, and refuses to share it with the other cats.

Magpie will share it with Jekyll.
But only if he is quiet and stays in his bed.


  1. I love your Wordless Wednesday posts!

    1. Thanks Taffy!! I really appreciate that!!

      P.S. Dachshund pictures are forth coming!!