Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fresh From The OMG Department


In the great state of Ohio there is a bill that just passed the Senate making it legal to carry a carcass home after your assault vehicle kills it.

Of course you are required to report it, but then its yours to...well..I guess people are eating it?

Part of me wants to send accolades for not wasting or littering, and part of me wants to hope that my husband never thinks of turning the car around opening the trunk and pitching any recently, or otherwise, piece of road kill, to head home and search the library of Epicurious for recipes via a slow cooker.

But just to cover my bases, and because I am well aware of how life likes to throw me a challenge when I taunt and tempt it,..Honey, should you have the misfortune to hit a critter please do stop the car and tend to them. Give me a call I'll come and take a look at it, humanely euthanize it for you, (or call the appropriate authorities who can laugh at me for asking them to take a break from their busy schedule to end suffering) and we can bury it at home after a small funeral service together.

Ohio Roadkill Bill

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