Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kodee after his cruciate repair. He is an older lab, who was here boarding when he ran outside and hurt his knee.. because luck and fate will always work out that way. Thankfully, his parents are very good long time clients who understand that accidents happen. (I know I should never admit that accidents happen here, but they do. And if, or when they do, we will always talk to you about them, and help you resolve them.)

Meet Bella,

The subject of the next blog..a very, very lucky kitty.

All hands on deck helping Bella through her surgery.

Kita, a Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue alumni, here for her annual visit. Nothing is better than seeing an adopted dog year after year..and a happy ending.

Porter, who had his intervertebral disc disease surgery almost two years ago is doing phenomenally!! His parents say nothing slows him down!

We got to meet little baby Rio this week. He is the new arrival to our dear friends the Freeman's who lost their beloved Abby a few months ago. He is a true bundle of joy! The best holiday gift anyone could ever wish for!

Ruby, the sweetest girl! Here for her post-op cruciate check..

Samantha, who has no idea that she is not a human..always a big smiley face!

Little Daisy Mae, who at 8 months old broke her femur.

It took two pins to put it back together, and it wasn't an easy (or fun) surgery because the bone was so damaged..but she's a trooper and we are sure that she will be all healed up in no time..

The best part of my week, was her mom giving me a big tear filled hug and saying "thanks just because I wasn't afraid to try."

Many times that's all we can do. But it means the world to our patients and clients.

 Hunter was here for his neuter. He woke up like nothing ever happened! He was happy and acted like he had just taken a nap. (And that's why we neuter at 6 months old).

 Lilly, here for her three month check up after treating for Demodex. You can hardly tell anything was ever wrong with her. Her skin scrape was all dead bugs, (totally gross I know, but dead bugs are waaay better than crawling in your skin bugs).

 Little timid Marley hiding. He is here for stress induced diarrhea. Not that coming to see me helped his stress..but he is on the mend!

Remember Sam, the dog with Addisons AND a cruciate rupture? He was here for his two week post-op check, and look!! no muzzle! 

Romeo,,,what a fitting name..Here for blood in the urine.
He is a male cat, so it is super important to catch these guys early, or they can block. And this is ALWAYS an emergency!

Little Pixie (what a great name!) here for a weird, painful swelling on her back. Thankfully it was just a nasty infection, and most thankfully it responded very quickly to our big guns antibiotic. That stuff aint cheap, but man it can knock some of the worst strains of bacteria out of the park!

Banjo, my dearest friend Linda's dog, who is usually forced to wear some sort of humiliating head dress..or sweatshirt, dress, apron,,you get the picture.

Emma, the cutest basset ever! was here all the way from Philadelphia to get her teeth cleaned..she's a cutie, and every girl needs glamour nails!

A little impromptu photo opp of my dear, and ohhh so beautiful, Magpie. A rescue from Animal Rescue Inc.

And because Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I wanted to put together a few of the many many reasons I am so thankful to have such a blessed life.

My very good friend, mom to Porter, 
and the person who found and saved my sweet Wren 
was at our house visiting and got to spend a few joyous 
tear filled moments with her.
Hoping that you all get some good sleeping in!

In the warmest spot in the house.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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