Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veterans Day, November 11, 2013

Diamond, the shih tzu. Here for her first official puppy exam.
Her mom serves at Aberdeen.
Cali. A rottweiler, here with her parents for a microchip and nail trim.

Elvis, the boxer mix here for an exam , and Hanna the English Springer spaniel for her ears to be checked.

Sadie, here for an exam.

Diamond is your friend, if you have a treat!

Levi and Penelope with their parents the Andersons, whose son gave his life while serving in Afghanistan.
They brought goodies, and graced our counter with their sons photos. They are the reason that we feel so committed to helping our veterans. They are the reason we live in a free country and we are grateful to know them, call them our friends, and for sharing Norms life with us. He will not be forgotten.

Smokey, here for a bad tooth.

Little Reuben. Here for a puppy visit.
He is a mini golden doodle.

Freddy, a Weimaraner. He is five years old. His day proudly serves.
He has been a part of the JVC his whole life. 

We had quite a few times where the traffic jam was overflowing from the reception area to the front doors.
Apollo, Kingston, and Roxy here for nail trims..entering in the front door.

Debo, a yorkie, here for an exam and a microchip, and pre-op bloodwork for his neuter.

Levi greets the boxer duo Nanabite and Bruiser.

Apollo, Kingston, and Roxy. One big happy bunch!

Little Reuben again, just because he as so irresistible!

Little Bruno. Who just might be one of the cutest puppies ever!

Dellia, a rescued German Shepherd with Black Dogs and Company.
She was found with a severe skin infection, is heartworm positive.
She is well on the way to a full recovery, thanks to her very generous rescue staff.

Molly here because she's itchy.

Annie, from Aberdeen. Her dad works at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.
He was concerned because she was shedding excessively.
It appears that the root of her dull dry skin is that she eats only boiled chicken and rice, which is deficient in many vitamins, minerals, and oils.

Gus, the beagle pup, whose dad served in the Navy.
Oh, how I love beagles!
He is not on heartworm prevention.
After discussing the immense benefits of this monthly pill,
 we ran a heartworm test and started him on his monthly prevention.

A very big heart felt THANKS! to the doctors, staff, groomers, technicians, and friends of Jarrettsville Vet for helping us make this a huge success..we were able to help lots and lots of people and their pets! And that's what we are all about.

You can find more photos on our Facebook page, Jarrettsville Vet.

Please also join us for Pets With Santa. This is a free event open to anyone and everyone. Free photos, snacks, and you can even find goodies to buy like earrings, dog treats, Christmas ornaments, and much more! For more information please visit our Facebook page, website JarrettsvilleVet.com. Or call us at 4210-692-6171. All proceeds got to our local animal rescues. It is a really fun event!

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  1. The next time the Andersons come in, please give them a hug from Wisconsin. My heart goes out to them and all of the families of our fallen soldiers and sailors. You guys had a busy day, but it looks to have been filled with many blessings and slobbery kisses!