Thursday, November 7, 2013

When You Think A Pet Is In Danger What Do You Do?

We are a people of many races, religions, and beliefs. The encapsulated melting pot. But our single greatest attribute is our passion. Can you imagine the world without this? No love, no joy, no fashion, architecture, or giggling? I think I could live without anything else before I could give up passion.

One of the things we are most passionate about is our animals. Kids and animals they sell almost every product on t.v. (pulling out the beer commercials, although if its not boobs its dogs in them too).

SO, what happened when the slugs at the FDA didn't get answers or take action fast enough against chicken jerky treats that are believed to be the cause of thousands of deaths and illnesses in dogs and cats?. Well, in the USA a few people decided to take action and help pets. They invoked their First Amendment right and opened their mouth and took action. They posted warning labels on jerky products that are still sitting on shelves for sale in stores.


It may not be completely legal, nor welcomed in the stores that are being paraphernalia-ized, but the intent is so spot on, and so clearly centered on protecting pets that I want to give a big high five AND thumbs up to  the Animal Parents Against Food and Pet Treats Made in China for having the gumption, passion, and follow through to help those who cannot help themselves.

Animal Parents Against Pet Treats and Food Made in China applied warning cards to pet treats at BJ's Wholesale Club

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Photo courtesy SN Supermarket News, Julie Gallagher

Ok, the official advice of this vet is;

  1. Buy products made in the USA, with all USA ingredients. 
  2. Buy from a large, established pet food manufacturer.
  3. Follow the AVMA Pet food Recall and Alert page.
  4. Seek veterinary attention if you believe your pet is sick. 
  5. Call the product manufacturer, be persistent and proactive for your pets health, and the others that might have been exposed.
  6. Report any concerns to the FDA, use their online reporting form.
  7. In the event that your pet is affected be a voice, take a stand, and ask for help. I have seen many clients compensated for their pets care. I understand that it is not about the monetary compensation but it will help your pet get better and it will help the pet food industry understand how passionate we are about our pets health and safety. 
Could there be a glimmer of hope that these illnesses and deaths might be less likely to recur? Hopefully. The FDA is currently proposing that all pet food manufacturers be required to meet the current Good Food Manufacturing Practices Rule and therefore be subject to higher standards and better written procedures to insure better quality control and oversight of the foods being fed to US pets.

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  1. Thanks for participating in TNT. I would just like for them to require a label as to where the treats are produced and where the ingredients are sourced and then let people decide. I am no fan of the FDA but they were kind of in a hard spot because they could not find anything wrong with the treats that supposedly caused the illnesses. I would hate for them to operate based on knee jerk reactions without any science to back up their actions.

    1. The scientist in me agrees with you, and I understand that the FDA has to have a sound basis for making their decisions. But I am left to wonder how many people would have to get sick before they would take precautionary sweeping measures and halt sales even if they werent sure was was causing the illneses? I dont know why there is a difference?

  2. Or, better yet, make your own jerky treats.

    1. I can barely make my own breakfast! Its awful! I need more time to be able to cook and bake for the pups! But thats wishful and unlikely to happen. Although someone sent me some recipes to help with Savannah, which is the only way I am likely to stop and find time to cook.

      Kisses to JD and Cookie! Cookie is really making great strides at becoming a perfect pup!

  3. Thanks for hopping onto This 'N That Thursday! This jerky scare is nerve wrecking. Need to check everything in detail ...and check it twice before any pup gets their paws on it.

    1. It is scary to not know what is and isnt safe..we are always at the mercy of the food manufacturers unless you go ff the grid,,and thats a full time job!
      Thanks for visiting!