Friday, August 30, 2013

OCD. Why Are Our Pets Getting The Same Diseases We Do?

I wrote about Titus a few weeks ago.

He had been eating rocks and sure enough one got stuck in his gut..the sequela to his dilemma? He had to go under the knife.

I recieved quite a few comments about how prevalent pica is in Dobies.

Pica is the consumption of non food items. It is found in pets and people (primarily children). ASPCA article on Pica.

Whenever I am met with a client and their pet with some odd ball problem I always give credit to the pet. Always. I never dismiss it. If they think that they should be eating rocks I want to know why? Why would they think they need to?

My job is to keep that pet healthy. Mind, body, and soul.

What I find so interesting is that so many of the human diseases, mental AND physical seem to be crossing over into our pets.

Do I believe that Titus is trying to tell us something, ABSOLUTELY!. He is a very energetic, bossy, alpha puppy. He is living with an older retired couple facing many health problems. He is too much for them and he is displaying his anxiety and frustration in many ways. One of them is by eating rocks.

I read an article in Trends magazine August 2013 about how "OCD is similar in dogs and humans." How fitting that the  rock eater is also OCD.

In Doberman pinschers it is called canine compulsive disorder (CCD). The report comes form the Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry where a joint study was done between Tufts Vet school and the McLean Imaging Center in Belmont, Mass. 16 Dobermans were scanned and they found that in comparing the MRI scans between the Dobes with CCD witht he control group the CCD group had findings consistent with what is seen in humans with OCD.

"Canines that misbehave are often labeled as 'bad dogs,' but it is important to detect and show the biological basis for certain behaviors," says Niwako Ogata, BVSc PhD who led the research team. "Evidence-based science is a much better approach to understanding a dog's behavior."

Well said, and I couldn't agree more!

As for Titus. He went to a new home last week. His new dad is a young, active, avid Dobie guy, who specializes in training and is well qualified to help Titus figure out what's bugging him to the point of thinking that he needs to eat rocks.

The blog on Titus.

 If your pet is doing something, OR anything, that is not normal, not healthy, or causing you to not be happy with them (think cats and urinating out of the litter box which is one of the primary reasons they are dumped at shelters), then get help! Ask lots of questions. Look at the world through your pets eyes. Are they getting a good diet?
Are they getting enough exercise?
Are you talking to your vet about the issue(s)?
Is your household stressful?
Is it stressful to your pet?
There is a reason.

Dig, dig like a determined, caring, compassionate advocate for your pets health and well-being. And if there isn't a quick easy answer, keep digging.

I'm out here, and there are armies of people that can help you. Reach out and don't expect quick and easy. It's all about the challenges that life presents you, and the way you face them.

If you have questions you can ask me at On twitter @pawbly, and on google +Krista Magnifico.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Too Have A Dream

I copied the above picture and following post from Facebook. 

“Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

As I continue to struggle with the state of my profession, the hypocrisy we tout, and the belief that we are all human beings capable and responsible for each other, I am deeply touched by the events of 50 years ago, the words that were spoken, and the change that they brought forth. Dr. King's words ring true today, the miracle of equality and freedom, and the understanding that there remains a road ahead of us with an ultimate Utopia called peace.

The post has compelled me to not stay silent any longer...

I am mounting my own protest against the veterinary profession who still stands by the premise that "pets are property". We as a profession WANT you to spend endless amounts of money on your pet, (we have after all become a profession with ample specialists), BUT, we don't want you to sue us or have to address the liability should the chips not fall where you desire them to. We want to say to you, "I'm sorry but we will only provide you with replacement value." 

I love my pets as if they were my children, further, I have no children except for them. My clients expect me to treat their pets as if they were my own. They also expect that I will not treat them like property; an emotionless piece of office equipment, like a stapler. 

To hold on to this ancient out-dated tenant that a dog = a cow = a plow = a soulless emotionally devoid being at our disposal to treat however we wish.  

How can we be a profession of today's society advocating responsibility, welfare, compassion and deny our fellow clients, brothers, sisters, parents and children the bond, loyalty, and life saving partnerships that our pets bring us?

So, I proclaim that I too have a dream..

that someday we will all live in a world of peace and compassion that is not defined by what species we are, but instead by what humanitarians we have become.

"and if you ever have to choose between being right and being kind..
Always be kind." Wayne Dyer.

For Chelsea and Sadie.

(Note of Thanks to Pete the Vet, for pointing out my significant spelling error..and note to self: don't write a blog after 9 pm AND post it..sleep on it and proof-read when awake..)

Wordless Wednesday, The Week In Review, Bark World, Home and JVC

Life is always better with a wet nose, a smile, and your best friend by your side.

You can't see me.
It takes you an hour and a half to get them in the carrier, and they get to the clinic and refuse to come out.

At Bark World, Atlanta, Ga, 2013.
The first attendee I met. I am obviously under dressed.
But truly, he refused to look at the camera.
I think he was too ashamed.

Me, and Preston, a very famous blogger.
He wanted to ignore me too.

The fashionable couple in Atlanta.

Me and Adam, sandwiching one of our heroes, Victoria Stilwell, of Animal Planets'
"It's Me Or The Dog"
And yes, we are friends on Twitter.
Just ask me, I'll show you my phone, Its true!

A decked out stroller to be chauffeured in class.
Waiting for Victoria's talk

Joe and Adam listening to Victoria.

More friends to meet at Bark World.

Back at home. Smothering our pets with affection because we missed them so desperately.
Happy to see Oriole.

Oh, How we missed our beagle!

The ears, you had me at the ears.

There is peace in the land again.

A family field trip to the pond to check on the fishies...
Running wild beasts..the wind in your fur,
the kingdom is my playground..I am cat,,, "hear me roar!"

"FISH! there are fish? Bring them to me!"

Jekyll, the ultimate lazy dog,,,sit and wait for someone to catch something,
then beg with your best beagle eyes for a small sample.

"Now serving customer number...."

Savannah. She's not lost, or stuck, she's contemplating the quasar theory.

Sunbathing Strawberry.
Mission Impossible: Keeping sunscreen on a pig.

Back to work: Monday..on the surgery schedule:

Three sphinx kitten neuters..How oddly adorable are they?

The rescue bunch:

And at the end of everyday...
There is Wren...Oh, how I love this girl..

A gift from a grateful adorable!!
A carnation dog, complete with stethoscope, band-aid, and medical kit.

A happy kitten looking for a new home.

Yin and Yang. AKA the staffs puppies,,,
a total fluff-ball and the gentle giant. They are.great for photos.

This beauty is a perfect blog candidate.

One of my favorite girls of all time..
she can jump and spin all at the same, it's amazing to witness!

Talk to you all tomorrow!!

XOXO Krista

Monday, August 26, 2013

Surgery Monday, Aug 28, 2013

I'm too tired to fill in the blanks tonight..

But here's what my day looked like:

Three sphinx kittens to neuter..and their mom standing by as the recovery ward.

And for our local rescue we did three kitten neuters, and two kitten spays..

And lastly, a laceration repair on a lower eyelid.

And at the end of every day I get to head back home to be with my own bunch.

My Savannah, at 17 1/2 and still happy to see me at every single occasion and happy for a thick lawn of grass to stick her nose in to breathe in a life she remembers not too long ago.

My husband and our Jekyll,,,two peas in a pod

For many people the idea of working with animals everyday is a dream.
For me it is my real-life, and my purpose..

Happy end of Monday everyone!