Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mr. T.S's surgery with Dr. Hubbard last week for an auricular abscess..

Little Loon, loving her new cat tree.

Needy and Stormy, here for their re-check. They both had an upper respiratory infection.
But their mom took excellent care of them, and they feel much much better now.

Hello! Stormy in her coozied carrier.

The newest bottle baby.

Aimee, who stole my heart with those brown eyes, abundant kisses, and gentle her!

Bear, with his new family..

Blossum..all ears and under bite.

Ally's dog Addy, selfie.

At Eastern State Penitentiary, Terror Behind The Walls field trip.
Our annual trek to scare the panties off of ourselves.

Lilly's sister here to get her rodent ulcer looked at.

Honey. Who came in for seizures.
Thankfully she hasn't had any more.
We hope that's the last of it.

Idgie, begging for...well, anything.

Joe and Courti, at the end of a Sunday of work and the Ravens game.

Our JVC Merial workshop.
Learning how to perfect our customer service.

Merial lunch!!
Yummy,,and a big Thank-You.

A typical day at work for my pups.

A typical night at home.

Kiana,,looking for a home..and there are about 15 new kittens
waiting to get big enough to go out in the public.

Jekyll, enjoying his shotgun ear rub.

A client in the lot..just thought it was funny.
Always should end on a happy note.

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