Friday, September 13, 2013

Pet Flipping. In the News

In the news this week..a new way to beat a faltering economy..."pet flipping."

Remember the days when it was widely publicized that people were robbing trains, hit and run insurance fraud, and using arson to make a little spare change? Well, today in the animal world 'pet flipping' is the latest scam.

How is it done?

Your pet is simply stolen and then sold on Craigs List, or you get a phone call from some seemingly concerned citizen who "found" your pet and is now wiling to return it for a reward.

Sad, horrible, shameful, and despicable.

What can you do to keep your pet safe?

1. Never let them out of your sight.
2. Keep them leashed at all times.
3. Micro-chip your pet.
4. Keep a collar, tags, and identification on the.

What should you do if your pet goes missing?
1. Start searching every shelter.
2. Start monitoring Craigs List listings. 
3. Call your microchip manufacturer to report your pet missing.
4. Hang flyers everywhere
5. Notify all of the local veterinary clinics.
6. Report your pet as stolen on Craigs List

Why is a microchip so vital?
Well, simply it is the safest and most effective way to get your pet back to you. Not only that, but, if your pet is microchipped and if it goes missing the microchip can be used as the foundation for criminal charges. A microchipped pet that goes missing and is in another persons possession is considered stolen property.

If you are interested in microchipping your pet please see your veterinarian. If you are in the Jarrettsville MD area stop by Jarrettsville Vet, we microchip with every examination for FREE!


  1. I've heard that a lot of veterinarians in Scarborough also microchip their client's pets. It's a great idea, even if you're not worried about them getting stolen. I can't believe people are stooping to those levels!

    1. Hello Anne,

      Thank you for taking the time to read and write.

      Sadly there are some despicable people around. But I do believe that there are far more kind compassionate animal lovers than the bad guys. Hopefully we can all look after one another and help protect our families by spreading the word and microchipping.

      Take care,
      The clinic page looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing it.