Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Little Bitsy, who does fine as long as she can't see what you are doing.

Me and dear Rizzy.

Lilly, here for her post op cruciate re-check.

Our Sunday outing to Adamstown, PA. Where I went to do a little antiquing, but instead just took photos of the pups I met along the way.

At work on Sunday.
Cybil, who is being stressed out by her siblings to the point of having urinary issues.

Zoe, who has a nail bed infection.

Buster. Just adopted from BARCS, who has an interdigital cyst? 

Tyler's dad, here with his two dogs, Zoey and Tuaca.


Surgery Monday!

Feral cat spays and neuters.
Saving the planet one kitty at a time.

My all-time favorite girl Rizzy.
Here for the last week boarding.
She spends most of her time under the front desk or in our arms

Sammy, the rescued Briard.
He was sent to Washington state to his new home today.
His story to follow.

Dr. Bizby's foot grips..on Savannah.
Our latest attempt to push back the hands and weight, and struggles of time.

Bear, here for his neuter.
He was adopted as a puppy at the Humane Society.
See you can get a pure bred puppy at the shelter.

Dr. Morgans girl, Bailey.

Bandit, after his neuter.
If there is ever a saddest face contest I am entering him.

Two just rescued, a little under the weather,
kittens under the care of Black Dogs and Company rescue.

Charlie, the back seat driver.

Our newest family member, Dr. Rogge,
with Scissors,
who is not so happy to be hospitalized.

Wren and Oriole,
best buddies, whether or not Wren likes it.


  1. I have a pitbull and a little dog too. I bet that little dog rules the roost.

    1. The little dogs always rule the roost!
      Whether the roost houses dogs, cats, and people, those little ones have the least fear and always the deciding opinions!

      Thank You for reading..

      Hugs to your little (and big) ones!