Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jekyll waking up in the morning.
Every night he sneaks into bed and sleeps like an inanimate sand bag at (or on) your feet.
Waking up is a very elaborate exaggerated process. 

It is good to be Jekyll beagle.

Cooper. At four months. Here for an acute case of diarrhea.
Cause? Re-crate training because occasionally his mom has to go to work.
Read about his stress induced colitis soon.

Buried in between his parents for his exam.
Only visible by a darting tongue "hello."

Our weekend adventure; The York Fair, York, Pennsylvania. The oldest fair in America.

Joe and I have a few items on our checklist every time we go.
First stop ALWAYS the fowl barn.
I am predicting the next designer pet fad is going to be fancy chickens.
These guys are flamboyant and fabulous!
And they fit in a purse!

Magnificent, but hard to accessorize.
But he makes a very impressive lawn ornament. 

A pile of pretty pigeons.

As impressive as the chickens were, I am partial to the bunnies.

This is a Lion Head rabbit.
Oh, goodness did I want to smother this baby in kisses!
Have you ever seen anything as adorable as this powder puff?

Back to work on Monday!
Anyone remember Lilly?
She was at the clinic this week because she ate a piece of carpet.
Berber carpet is like a fishing line in the gut. It is a nightmare in most cases to pass.
Very, very lucky for her it appears between the vomiting episodes and the tid bits found as her parents sifted through every bowel movement it looks as if it is all out of her..

Beau, who recovered so beautifully from puppy strangles. He will be neutered soon. He was scheduled for Monday, but he still has his upper baby canine teeth in, so we postponed. None of us want to have to put him under general anesthesia twice.

Also on the Monday surgery schedule was Elliott and Kit's pin removals. Both four months old now, they each had broken legs that were fixed by placing stainless steel pins in them.

Elliott getting ready for surgery. 

Elliott's two pins.
They stick out of the end of his femur.
But have kept it stable and allowed it to heal very well over the last month.
Thankfully they were very easily removed.
Elliott was also neutered.

Kits pins were not as easy to remove. They were buried in his knee.

Kit's x-ray.

Both Kit and Elliott waking up (or sleeping) after surgery.

We met a fully Raven adorned Ranger puppy. Who is about the most charming love. Even Brady got caught up in his adorableness!

Meet little Sheldon.

And Sally.
Back on the Monday surgery schedule. Lilly with a cruciate repair. She was one of the happiest patients we have ever had. I am pretty sure she thought that she was just here for summer camp. She loved all of the attention, and she got a lot of it!
Shaving and prepping the knee for surgery.

And six more kittens to be spayed and neutered for No Kill Harford. I think (hope) that we are getting to the end of the 2013 kittens. There were three all black ones and 3 tabby's.

Three boys sleepy post op.

And they are awake! And hungry!
And little Samoa was spayed too.
Remember her?

More patients to meet.
If I ever needed a spokesperson I would nominate her.
That face!

Two peas in a pod.

And on a happy note. Little max, who came in last Thursday evening not feeling well and with a terrible fever, went to the Harford Emergency & Referral Veterinary Services for two days of fluids and hospitalization came back to visit feeling much better.

He felt so good he gave us a little paddling hello.

A hunting dog who made a trip to the ER because she was peeing blood as she was retrieving doves.
She is a great case to discuss.
Stay tuned.

Lilly, the day after her cruciate surgery and wearing her e-collar so she can't pull out her sutures.

What a smile!
This is Jasper the Border Collie.

And Jasper.
A two year old who had to go through three other homes before he found one where he was understood and loved in spite of being a bit if a rambunctious puppy.

Waking up again.

And lastly my Savannah, with Oriole. 

One last note. On this day twelve years after the tragedy and terrorist attack on the twin towers I hope that we all remember how lucky we are to live in the greatest nation in the world and understand how delicate freedom is. We are a nation of so many different people who came together in a moment of unimaginable loss. My heart and thoughts are with all of those who lost loved ones.

God Bless America.


  1. Love the personality of all these animals in the photos and your captions, haha.

    James | Animal Hospital in Mechanicsburg, PA

    1. Hello James,

      Thank-You for reading, and for taking the time to write.

      So many people enjoy the Wordless Wednesday blogs..I love it! All of my weeks activities in one little slide show page..and I try to be a bit inventive with the captions..

      Thanks for visiting!

      Take care!


    2. Oh!

      and James,

      I love the photos and stories on your website..

      So many heroes getting second chances at your facility.

      Great work!