Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wordless Wednesday (Another Failed Attempt).

Driving to work on Sunday.
Jekyll riding booster seat shotgun.
Thankfully, we never get on a major road and we are never traveling more than 40 mph. 
Like it, or not, I am holding him the whole time. 

Nothing beats a happy patient.
I was a bit concerned about how red his ears were (allergies, infection?).
"Nope," his mom said "excitement."

This little one needs a home.
He is renting a small pad in the lobby.
He purrs on sight, rolls over immediately, and will charm you faster than Casanova on his best night.
And that little mustache!! Oooh, so cute!

My Magie.
Looking coy and a bi devilish!
She was actually attacking my toes.

Wren and Magpie, making it almost impossible for me to work.

Until they decided that work was boring.
So they napped, of course.

Little baby Bo. 

Just rescued by a couple who cuddled him, cooed over him, and 
said that they were "going to try to find him a home."
Personally there was waay to much oogling over him for me to believe they can part with him.
"Good Luck letting him go. He's too adorable. I'm a softy too."

A happy to be at the vet pup.

Porter, the IVDD dog. Who motors around with his own little twist, but never stops to feel sorry for himself or wonder why life threw him a wrench.
He is a true testament to,
"Get up, work hard, be grateful, and live in the moment."

Little Dottie.
Here for her kitten vaccine.
Feeling very safe with her mom.

If there was anyway I could do it I would gift myself a kitten every year.

Buddy at his post.
He is the king of musical chairs.
If you get off of yours he will be in it before you can shoo him off.

Elliott and his x-ray. He is four weeks post-op.
He has no limp and he, in true kitten fashion, has healed quickly and completely!
He will be in on Monday to have his pins pulled.

This is Kits x-ray. His brother, who also had a broken leg.
Fixed two weeks ago.
Pin removal (if possible, I am very worried because they are in the knee joint.
I have to try to dig them out on Monday.
Stay tuned for this one too).
Why do I do this to myself?
I will be stressed until they are out.

Happy Hump Day!

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