Sunday, May 19, 2013

Preakness 2013

Joe and I dressed for a day at the races. Big hat, summer dress, and a big cup of coffee for the long day ahead. My hat is so big I can't stand next to Joe.
Our very good friends and hosts at Pimlico race track. Dr. Hartmann of Cambria Veterinary Center in Whiteford Maryland, and her husband.

Three of the girls taking our arrival shots. Fighting the wind with a big hat, not an easy task.

The Preakness Suite buffet  Delicious food splendid flowers in the Maryland theme of sunflowers, yellow black and red are the color theme.

The whole gang in the corporate village. Clams, ice cream, and the celebrities. You can also have your palm read, a caricature drawn, paint a picture, model a race car, buy a derby hat, a cigar, or some spectacular horsey-themed jewelry. The highlight for me, well, Gene Simmons, Micheal Oher, Torrey Smith, Kevin Spacey, Bobby Flay, Pitbull and every happy slightly intoxicated person in the infield.

The boys looking dapper, of course. All wearing horsey ties, new suits, and big smiles.

Rocking out at Pitbull, in the infield. It was cold and rainy, but the music was loud and the crowd was hoppin!

Little 4 month old Zena. Brought in because they claimed her as a "service dog." If her service was to provide kisses and look cute she will serve someone exceedingly well.

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