Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Client and A Blogger

Life has an odd way of presenting you with insurmountable obstacles and then testing you to see if you turn, run, detour, defer, or face them head on..I swear I think that life will keep handing you the same challenges until you figure out a way to face them, address them, and tackle them. It my self-made version of Ouroboros. I keep facing the challenge of not being able to give up on a task, I drive myself in circles, wanting, yet not quite expecting a different outcome, and still chasing my tail..Oddly, I can correct my dogs, and my cats grow bored of the game, and yet I still run the gerbil wheel, headstrong, determined, and optimistic.

I expect to be able to build a monumental platform to reach billions, (literally every single soul on the planet with access to a computer), because my experience in my little small town practice has me hearing whisperings of tiny voices about "not doing enough" not being there "for the meek and the voiceless" and this unshakable feeling of not being able to put my finger on the answer of why I am so compelled to help every last little critter. I seek to build Pawbly because I know there is a need, I know there are people seeking it now, and I know I can help them. Why, then do I chase my own tail, trying to bite off more than I can chew, (or is it biting it off at the expense of myself?), I do not know?

But I do know that I am not alone. I know that for as many folks that are out there with questions there are as many out there with answers..Simple equation, simple answer, just "build it an they will come."

And so we have, and so it starts, and so the beast grows fatter..

And then fate, chance, and luck come my way...

I was in an examination with a timid sheltie last week..I opened the door, entered the room, smiled and gave a "hello." As I waited for the answer a pause settled,..

"You don't remember me do you?" The client said sitting with his shy, trying to disappear dog.

OK, longer pause..because there is no way to formulate an answer to this nicely...None..

I took one last long hard studying look at him.

He had a gentle face, a quiet demeanor, and a serious air about him..and yet, I had no ideas of who he was, or why I should remember him.

So I did what my default is, and answered honestly.."Ummmmmmm, nooooooo." I tried to lower my voice, and cower my answer..both his sheltie and myself were now in the same boat.

He lifted his hand and showed me his wrist. A long jagged very prominent scar was revealed..
My face instantly changed from shyness to aghast!

"OH! YES! I remember!" I blurted out.

A few years ago on a cold snowy wet day he had come to the clinic to drop his dogs off for boarding. When he opened the door to let his dogs out they had so excitedly bolted out of the car that he had slipped on the wet driveway and broken his wrist. I had heard about the ice sipping incident and wrist breaking accident from a few of the staff later that day.

I had not seen him that day, but I had spoken to him for many days after as he underwent his surgeries and recovery..

We began catching up on each others hobbies, activities and lives. I, of course, started talking about Pawbly and he very inquisitively listened on.

As my luck would have it, he too is a blogger. He is also a well versed accomplished writer and has written many articles on his love for shelties. He started quizzing me on their specific diseases and afflictions and impressed me with his incredible passion, prolific writings, and diverse skill set.

Before I could contain myself I was pleading with him to join us on Pawbly in our quest to help pets.

And a new member was added to our ever expanding list of people who want to help pets..

Mr. Stewarts muse.

Mr. Stewart's article links can be found below, and if anyone has any sheltie questions. he can now be found at,-Costs-and-Considerations&id=7020335

We are so excited to be able to share his articles, his knowledge, and his love for this docile breed.

As for me, I can't stop chasing my tail, and I can't give up the hope that someday there will be a place for anyone, anywhere, with any pet need to be able to go to get help for them..I am determined to do it, I am determined to provide it for free, and I KNOW it can be can't it? We are surrounded by pets and the people who love them.

I will be sharing his articles on shelties soon, and interviewing him on his dogs, their lives, and sharing all of that with you all too, soon..

Thanks Again! Mr Stewart!! and Welcome! 

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  1. Hi Y'all,

    Don't always comment, but always enjoy your articles. Thanks for the links.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog