Thursday, May 23, 2013

Picture Homage to BlogPaws 2013

The complete Pawbly delegation. Joe, me, and Adam. 
My beloved husband and my brainy-geeky-genius (and I mean that in the most loving way possible). 

As a "newbie," (the term of adoration assigned to a first-time BlogPaws attendee), I came to BlogPaws with no expectations and a list of attendees that I was determined to say "hello" to and to tell them how much I admired their work, their message, and their passion..

Within minutes of arriving I knew I was sure of a few things.
1. There were a lot of other "crazy pet people" just like me in this world.
2. I was going to have to be diligent in reading the small print (note to BlogPaws staff PLEASE print the badges bigger,,I looked ridiculous staring at peoples chests trying to read their names and blogs), to find my list of blogger-idols.
3. I would not be able to type fast enough to be able to blog while I was attending. So I resigned to taking lots of pictures and type later.
4. That I was at my mecca. I was home where my heart is, where my fellow devoted pet colleagues are, and I was going to savor every single second.

Steve Dale, and his pups, who gave a rocking keynote address!

Catching a quick wink between two other bloggers.

What a face!

Chilly, the mascot for the Helping Hands. A referral only dental and surgical hospital in Richmond VA.
They are helping to make surgery more accessible to clients in the greater DC area.

Someone is super excited to be here!
Lots of dogs and even more pet-loving , loving to pet pets people.

A captured audience.

Steven May, How to build a fan base on Facebook.

Me, and my blogging AND veterinarian idol, Lorie Huston,  DVM.
She participated as a blogger and a pet expert, two hats she wears effortlessly.

Dr. Brunt and Adam, and her beautiful poodle.

Jane Brunt, DVM, CATalyst Council Executive Director, 
and American Association of Feline Practitioners Past President, 
brings a somewhat reluctant attendee to a lecture.

Really adorable peeps, who were the mascots for a food vendor selling beef, pork, and chicken parts to bloggers.
A hand-written notebook page posted on their cage read "free to good home."
I don't know if it was just me but I thought it was a bit sad to see cutie-pies being sent home in suitcases of ?appropriate homes? (AND, still we have so far to go..sigh).

The ferret parade. And yes, she has purple hair, very purple.
No purple ferrets that I saw.

Cold hard reality.
PLEASE microchip your pets!

Now that's a ride!
This is Brighton the Cornish Rex, whose mom was at her 4th BlogPaws!
She has three Cornish Rex's that attend, and she says
"and yes, they brought more outfits that I did."

Oh, goodness, I apologixe, I forgot this little loves name, I know it started with  a P?
I love me a pig, guinea or pot-bellied, I don't discriminate.

Two smiling faces!

I posted this kitty on Facebook. The best guess I got was Shaun White.
This sphinx was as animated and adorable as they come.

What a face!
Although not at all interested in Steve Dales talk ( I however was).

"Pleased to meet you too."

My favorite photo of the whole lecture.
Only at BlogPaws.
Pet expert, trainer, and media personality, Harrison Forbes.

Author and pet behaviorist, Darlene Arden speaking with Adam about working with shelter pets.
Two of Ms. Dardens books.

Molly, the Fire Safety dog. She was my buddy at one of the classes. She kept nudging my butt as I sat on the floor. So her mom gave her a chewie to keep her quiet. But I didn't mind the nudging. I am used to being forcefully persuaded to give belly rubs. It makes me feel like I am at home.

Pete The Vet, facebooking, interviewing us, and a copy of his books.
Pete was the most charming and altruistic person I met all weekend.
When I hear a vet say, "if someone asks me for help I help them."
I knew he was my kind of vet.

Dino Dogan of Triberr

And just a few of the many adorable pets I met.

And goodies from sponsors!
And some of their products to tell my clients about.

Thanks to everyone for making BlogPaws such a memorable time!!

We had a blast and we are
looking forward to seeing you all again next year!


  1. Great Blog Post! How did you manage to get so many great pictures?! I'm impressed! Obviously, you had a blast. :-)

  2. Great photos! It was such a pleasure to meet you!

  3. Great post - be sure to add to our linky list!

  4. Papua Piig is the piggie's name, and Angela DiMeglio Mitchell is his owner. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you. Maybe in Las Vegas? I brought my hamster, Charlotte, with me but few met her.

  5. Thank you Emmy for reading and for sending me their names..

    We had a wonderful time at BlogPaws. Hope to see you again next year..