Friday, May 17, 2013

At BlogPaws 2013

The incredibly talented gracious and prolific pet blogger Lorie  Huston, DVM.
Author of the Pet Health Care Gazette.

I have found my calling!

I am at BlogPaws, in Tyson's Corner MD, at the pet blogging convention.

Currently I am at the discussion of Pet Bloggers vs Vets. Which I thought was so oddly appropriate. Me, the veterinarian who loves to blog about her own "real-life."

Are their different sides to this issue? What could this possibly be? What could the issues be?

I sit....and I wait....appears that there aren't any? Then why is this a topic for six speakers and a room full of bloggers?

Why would a pet blogger, who obviously loves their pets, and all pets, sooo much that they dedicate huge portions of their lives to sitting and writing about pets be at odds with a veterinarian? I was here sitting quietly to try to figure this out.

I sat, and I sat, and I sat.....

There were 6 panelists, 3 vets, vs. 3 bloggers. The vets were for the most part  rather reserved.The bloggers were writers of blogs that are being written and published simply to help people. They both write about disease, illness, rescues, and the pets they meet along the way.  But the bloggers seem to write for their audience and the vets appeared to write more for themselves. It gave me a moment of pause. What is my audience? What is my message? How accurately do I get this across? I didn't imagine there was a division before I walked into this room. But now as an observer I sort of understood it. I saw the division and I was saddened. Aren't we all here to help pets? Did any of us go to vet school so we could "cover our butts?"  I am the vet who wants to be the educator and the helping hand.

Here's what I realized. We all sat here in this small room and we all LOVE pets. Maybe not the same breed, (there are many people here who are breed specific, "I write about dachschunds," or "I write about cats," there are even "I write about guinea pigs" people), but they ALL are dedicated to helping pets and writing about their experiences. What an incredible place to be. Surrounded by people, and many of them toting their muses, who are as in love and dedicated to their loves as I am.

I am at my Woodstock, I am home.

One of the best parts about BlogPaws?
Is that pets are welcomed everywhere!

My posse; Joe, the dedicated husband, and Adam, my business partner.
I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a dedicated pair!

This Devon Rex is ALL personality, (and not afraid of accessorize).

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  1. I'm honored, Krista. Thank you so much for this post. So glad you got something out of our session. And I'm really glad you're part of our pet community. :)

  2. Nice post...I hope to get around to posting about my BlogPaws experience this week! It was my 4th time attending and it was super, as always. Oh, and that kitty is a Cornish Rex, his name is Brighton and he's one of my three kitties that attend with me (and yes, they brought more outfits than I did, hahameow!