Sunday, May 19, 2013

Meeting Pete The Vet at BlogPaws 2013

One of the most incredible moments of my life..
I know I will look back at Pawbly and say "I knew Pawbly would succeed the moment I looked into Pete the Vets eyes and saw him thinking about our platform and he knew we were onto something."
It might look like I am sitting here listening, but in reality I was jumping for joy!

Promotional shot for Pete.

There are moments in your life that you realize your path is about to meet a trajectory and head at light speed in a new direction. This is what I have been working for, striving for, and been stubbornly fighting for, for about two years. It has been a long road of brain storming, blogging, and speculating. I have loved every moment of it, knowing that someday things will?, might?, could? hit the fast track.

Seems the older I get the more I seek to lead a life of purpose, intention, and compassion. I have also realized that there are many wonderful people out in this pet loving world that I am incredibly inspired to join forces with and promote the mission of helping and saving pets.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet Pete The Vet. For those of you who aren't familiar with him he is from Ireland (oh, how I wish I could provide you with his drawl and strongly anchored home grown Irish accent so you could hear him say it  the way that I did) "EYE-RRRR-Lahnd." Always with a smile, he almost cannot talk without smiling, another characteristic of his genuine European charm.

He writes about his veterinary cases, his patients, his stories (oh, how lovely to have a colleague in my circle) and his mission is to provide as much good relevant medical knowledge to as many people as he can. Meeting him, realizing our common goal and recognizing that we can pool our resources, knowledge, and tools at hand to deliver this mission, well, it is kismet.

He uses Facebook to interact with people all over the world. His goal is simple; to help pets everywhere in the world.. He can be found at his Facebook page, or his website. He is an advocate for helping pets, helping people, and getting good information out in the world for everyone to utilize.

Pete the Vet

He is also now available on We are Thrilled and Honored to have him to assist with helping pets and sharing his vision with us.

My new wish "may the road you follow always lead you in a direction that provides you with a sense of purpose and helps others."

To Pete I say a wholehearted "Thanks!" for putting a gale wind in my sails and for inspiring me to not be afraid to bite off more than a mouthful when it comes to helping pets.

Pete's books which are adorable and educational works of wit about lifetime of experiences in veterinary medicine.
Pete's books can be found at or via the link directly to them below.

To talk to Pete please visit us at

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