Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday is a photo compilation of many of the pets I see over the week at Jarrettsville Vet.

Each patient has a story and each photo is my little way of telling them how much they mean to me, and how much I love being a vet.

Gracie, Who arrives in a muzzle,

but slowly warms up to us.

She had her knee repaired on Monday.

Waking up pain free..very very important!!

Re-check apointment..
back with a muzzle..
oh, Gracie..

Our favorite kitten picture of the week.

Amie, who came to visit last week.
Had a long list of worries, and then we did diagnostics and got to cross off almost all of them!

My Charlie, and his new present..
needless to say he is in love with it!
Thanks aunt Diedra.
(Oh, it's her birthday today!
Happy Birthday!)

Dozer (short for Bulldozer), came in for limping.
At 250 pounds and 6 years old osteoarthritis was high on my rule out list..
Problem with this diagnosis is that we need a pelvic x-ray to confirm.
Problem with this is heaving 250 pounds up onto an x-ray table AND then holding 250 pounds still.
It was a circus act that Dozer won easily.
Next time I am sending him to an equine practice.

Sophia smiles

And then the ears go up!

Trooper begs,,very very well..
those eyes are so focused they are hypnotic!

And of course, I crumble and give in.

Beau, the Great Dane..begging also.
and I give in again!

(Note to my clients remove the treat bowl before I get in the exam room if you don't want me to feed treats..)

I fell head over heels for Cooper!
The 4 month old Boston..
who loves everyone!
He is a world class kisser and nibbler!
But you gotta hold on! Because he is also a wiggler.

That face is irresistible..and those ears,, they go straight up and then
curl back at the top because they are a little too flimsy at the tips..

Sunday morning at home. I decided to take a bunch of pictures of my pups..they are irresistible too!


Bored with the photo shoot already

Really bored..

And much for funny photos.

The shy deference that begs for release.

Finally, one funny photo!
For more pet photos please visit our Jarrettsville Vet Facebook page (where the other vets and staff post their patient photos), or for more pictures of my pets and a few patients visit and follow me. I post pictures daily to my Timeline..or just follow the questions other pet lovers are asking and answering.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Happy Hump Day!

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