Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jekyll, all smiles because it is Spring!
Time for the daily baths, the perpetually dirty nose and paws, and the land mine holes in the yard!

It might not be normal,,I think I randomly hug too many other peoples pets.?

See what I mean?

"Take me out and hug me again?"


Very few kitties are happy and calm at the vets office.
She is definitely one of the exceptions.

The puppies and their chaperones..
These two are the happiest, playful, two bundles!
I do think that a house with two puppies is the best, easiest way to have a harmonious. 

The beagles visit!

OH! How I love me a beagle!, or three!

Madeline on her first vet visit..
cowering next to mom in the reception area.

Not so sure that she wants to be held.

Hiding in the exam room

"Go away please?"

And this is Madeline on visit number 2!

"I know how to sit.."

"And I'm not afraid of anyone anymore"
Oh, how it makes my heart happy!

Eden, post-op cruciate..
A wagginf tail is a very good sign.

A perfect photo!

Lucy looks for a treat..


Thank You!

"Cookie? Please?"

I am officially in love with Milo?
How can you not be?

That is a good puppy..
focused on mom and dad, sitting quietly, and waiting patiently.
Good Job Milo!

Gracie, here for her two week post-op cruciate repair..
and to get the dreaded awful e-collar off!


Lilly, the most photogenic pup there is.
You look at her and the ears go up, and she looks like she's sizing you up.



Beau and  Caymen


A little break from the action to cuddle with one of our resident kitties, Loon

Our puppies, Jekyll and Charlie

Our kitty, Jitterbug..always in the middle of the action..the official house referee.

Another day draws to a close.
Have a wonderful week!
May is almost here!

And get out there and hug a pet! (preferably with permission).

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