Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wordless Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sorry its been so long everyone...I was distracted and not much in the mood for anything..

But I'm back, and happy to be here!

Eden, who is always tucked close to mom.

How irresistible is this face?

Ralph, just starting up is summer long allergies, but this year we have a new drug to try and high hopes that those itchy ears, eyes, and skin will be all banished to never never seen again land!
Stay tuned for more information on Apoquel.

Whisker.  Who is just starting her new diet plan

Waiting to see who is going to venture into exam room 1

Cooper and Rella,
Proof that two dogs are WAAY more fun than one.

Rella, short for Cinderella, (of course!)
I'm holding a treat bag, although they act like I am hypnotizing them!

Two peas in a pod!

What a smile!

Crusher, acting a bit timid

JoJo, here for her 2 month weigh in.
She's down a few pounds already, thanks to daily walks, and a  prescription weight loss food.
Good Job JoJo and family..see you in a few weeks for the next weight check.
A few extra pounds on a cat is a BIG deal! Think diabetes, osteoarthritis, heart disease, cancer, and death.

Parsely, here for a weird nose bleeds.
More on her as her story unfolds.
(Who knows the medical term for "nose bleed?",
hint; answer is at the bottom)

Marley and Moya,
what a pair!

The ears get me every time!

Harley, here for a Lyme titer to check her Lyme disease.

Always fashionable Foxy

Gracie, here Monday for her cruciate repair.

Happy Hump Day!

I have been answering a bunch of interesting Pawbly questions. Please check  them out, or ask us something, anytime. It is free to use,,you can also just post cute pictures, or follow topics of interest (or even make your own up,,I made one for beagles (shocker, I know)..or follow me and my ups and downs..It's all on Pawbly. Please come check us out.

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  1. Parsely nose stopped bleeding several hours after returning home. It was probably an irritation cause buy some foreign matter or more likely caused by her clay litter dust. Switched to Swheat Scoop wheat litter which seems to be much better for her.