Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Babies, Baskets, and Blessings.

Tis the night before Easter..and the kids are coloring eggs, playing, and thinking about the dinner cooking in the oven.

Getting my family ready for Easter..fill the eggs, make the baskets, and dress up the puppies.

The only Easter hats we could get the kids to wear..
their Easter basket.

Moms hat.

Diedra in her fascinator..
ready to hide eggs

Jekyll in his Easter outfit.

Modeling,,and hiding the goodies.

Diedra and Lilly

The hunt begins...

We labeled each egg so that one older brother didn't outrun and out gather the younger one..

Enjoying the spoils of the hunt.

Looking for critters..

The end of the day hayride.
Happy Easter everyone! My my family to yours.

May every day be filled with peace, love, joy, and the warmth of a cold nose!

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