Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday, January 16, 2014

Marnie, a six month old pug.
spayed yesterday and clinging to mom (a JVC technician) today..
and when she walks away to help out in the surgery area...

....Marnie waits for her to return.

At the clinic today for a geriatric screening.
Seems those old hips and elbows are becoming a little bothersome.
So he left with a new treatment plan to tackle the creaks in those joints

Oliver, looking so dapper in his rain coat.

Simon, on a leash and on perched on the carrier he arrived in,
and his best friend Evie, who reads a book to him as they wait.

adopted from the Humane Society,
and living proof that you can have a real-live teddy bear.

6  months old doberman,
spayed yesterday

Rescued at 8 weeks old as a boxer/lab mix.
Here on Sunday at 4 months old and looking more like a Corgi.
Those little legs and that black mask, so precious!

JoJo, tipping the scales at 18 pounds,
but ready to start his new years resolution and get into that swimsuit by June

There are a very few patients who have so much glee in them that they can't move in any other way than to dance.
This is Maggie..

Who jumps..

And twists...

and loves everyone!!

The Thursday night cruciate meeting,
Reisling and Max.

Andy meets his new mom after the unexpected death of his dad, being left alone for days, sent to the Humane Society, and then battled over because he was partially owned by the breeder.

Chica and Peanut, and our dear friend Rose.
The most stylish and beautiful trio in all of JVC.

Nelson, smiling at check-out.

Frankie, one of Andy's housemates.
Now looking for a new home of her own.
She and Little One are at the clinic and waiting.
Please stop by anytime to meet them

One of the three cats left after the death of their dad.
Sadly Sylvester suffered a terrible illness and died today.
The stress of being elderly, left for days, and shuffled between
the shelter and the kennel was too much for him.
He was loved very much by his  dad.
We tried very hard to give him a quiet and calm last few days.
May they all be back together now in a place that fills them with ever lasting love and peace.

Little One.
A sweet charming girl in need of a home of her own.
Have a wonderful week everyone!

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