Friday, January 10, 2014

Carrying the Christmas Spirit into the New Year

January. Dull, bleak, freezing cold miserable January.
It's a new year, another chance to start a resolution, and become a better, wiser, happier you.
And, it's the time to package up the holiday cheer.
For all of the joy the decorations, goodies, and regalia bring us, the act and idea of cleaning it all up and storing it for another 11 months is daunting and worthy of world class procrastinating.
Because I am not so fond of the putting away process I try to do it in small doses.
And, I try to remember to hold onto the spirit of the season by taking pause to be grateful for all of the people I was lucky enough to share the year with.
Here are some of the cards that our friends sent us. I just think they are the cutest, most precious things.
Thank-You for sharing your family with us, and thank-you for the cards.

Hayden and Roxy
LaKota, Nika, Stryder, Sharqdog, Bubbles, Rudy.


That's our own Dr Rogge as Santa

Marni and Toby

Maggie and Lilly

From Sneakers, Smudge, Willow and Bear.

From Sadie

From Henry
The card..

the contents..

photos of..


and  Porter

From Raven, Callie, and Fuzzy.

From...well..maybe it might be easier for them to get a stamp next year?

Levi and Penelope

Gannon, Murray, and Minnie

Chewie's mom tells me that "Chewie signs all of our cards."
Figures, those beagles sure can be bossy.


One of the families who helped us quarantine the Raccoon 7 

Maggie, Theo, and Jake

Dandy and Tyson


Misty, and her very long, slightly illegible "Wish List"

From the parents of Melissa, who we lost in 2013.

Who we can barely restrain for a nail trim,
but seemingly doesn't mind being dressed up and posed? 

The card I most look forward to getting every year.
The best designed, funniest, card we get.
From the Andrews family.
These are of course their cats, and their pet pig.
And honestly this might not be photoshopped.

Who graces both the front and back cover.


Signed by Madison, Bubba, Dino, Annabell, Dewey, all with hearts and paw prints!

From Rocco, Lola, Tina, Venus, Dee Dee, and RIP Stella & Ike.

Cassie, Summer, Syndi

So adorable I can't stand it!

Our very dear friends and the cat they adopted from us, Noel

Anna, Tugger, Elvis

"Dearest Vets and Staff at Jarrettsville Vet~
Continued thanks for all of the quality love and care that you've offered our beloved pets over the years! Many thanks for your generous gift to the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine on Simba's behalf.
Your knowledge and expertise enabled Simba to stay with us
for nine months after his initial illness.
We thank you.

Happy Holidays!"



This puppy came to our Pets With Santa and made a friend.
One of our best pictures of the day!

And the card that brings me to tears, and reminds me why I do what I do the other 364 days..

Wishing you all safe, happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!

With Love, 
From Krista, Joe, 
Savannah, Charleston, Jekyll, Strawberry, Jitterbug, Wren, Magpie, and Oriole.

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