Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The year in review. Saying goodbye to 2013.

Strawberry out for a quick snack.

The days fly, the weeks run, and the months slip away, and before you can even focus to reflect the year has evaporated.

It has been a good year. Mind you a tumultuous one, but lump all of those highs and lows and I'm above par. Nothing to complain about.

I started the year fairly certain that I would end it short both one family member and a few friends, but luck be with us, all of have escaped the hands of the Anubis.

The daily grind at the office.

Savannah has had a year of ups and downs. She has come from the bleakest of days, the longest of nights, and is now relatively calm, happy, and although slower and a little duller, wags her tail, walks with her nose in the wind and a pep in her step. I never imagined that she would live to see another year, and to still be blissfully eating, investigating, and free from the ghosts her mind thought haunted her is a gift I cannot ever take for granted.

Charlie and Jekyll, 5 yrs and 4 yrs, my eternal "puppies."
The puppies, well, no two beasts ever were more content. They love the (almost) daily 4 mile runs, the days at the clinic where the treat jar never runs dry, and having a farm to explore. It is a good life for a beagle and beagle-pit-bull mix.


Oriole and Wren

The rest of the clan are all well. The cats have their routine, they each have their own spot to get their naps in the sunshine, or stalk the birds through the windows. Magpie has claimed the tv room and each night she stakes claim to a lap that ever refuses a long pet. Wren’s chronic nasal discharge seems to be held at bay with her daily lysine. Oriole runs through the house like a herd of horses only to stop to lay beside me each night for a long endless purr session. Jitterbug still is the master of all her surveys, house, home, farm, and all residing creatures. He is the king of this realm.

Strawberry has become less caustic and we finally figured out how to trim those feet of hers without wounding any of us in the process.

The never ending house project persists forward at its expected grinding slow pace. But forward progress is far better than stagnant so why complain? It looks lovely and I expect it to be complete before the bank gets its last mortgage check.

The clinic, Jarrettsville Vet, continues to be the place where every single day I am inspired by the people I meet, the pets I am trusted to protect and care for, and most especially the incredibly passionate, intelligent, and most fun to be around colleagues and staff imaginable. I am grateful beyond words for their hard work, friendship, and time. I Thank them all for making us the place every vet would hope to be.

My family, who fill my life with love and joy.

Christmas and New Years 2013

Savannah, sleeping under the bush in the front yard yesterday.
Here's to a happy and healthy 2014!
Never underestimate the tenacity (and longevity) of a beagle.

My dear friend and Pawbly partner.
I cannot think of a better partner to change the world with.
Look out 2014, Pawbly is coming!

My love, thanks for making the last 14 years so amazing!
I love you eternally.

And lastly to my dear friends, (who others might call 'clients') who allow me to live my passion, fill my days with purpose, direction and meaning I say a very very big THANK-YOU! I am so fortunate to be a part of this community and I look forward to the years to come! 

To our dear clients who send Thank-You cards, bring us goodies, post pictures of their pets, help us find homes for the cats and dogs other no longer can care for, donate their time, goods, or funds, we couldn't be the amazing place that we are everyday without you.

Thank-you for sharing your family with us.

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