Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wordless Wednesday for January 29, 2014

A typical day at Jarrettsville Vet.
Two receptionists and one, or more, dogs visiting for doggie day care and stealing an office chair.


Sonny receiving acupuncture for his intervertebral disc disease.
We are so excited to have Dr. McCadden with us.
She specializes in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
To meet here or discuss her services just give us a call.
She is helping me treat Savannah's cognitive dysfunction, and keeping her up and ambulatory!
Thank You Dr McCadden!

This is a what we call a slab fracture of PM4, or what Dr Hubbard calls "a long, must needed dental extraction."

JoJo was here for a diet and exercise plan..at 18.5 pounds a summer slim down will help him live a longer, happier, and healthier life.

Dr Morgan showing us all how to correctly walk a dog after a rear limb injury or surgery.
This is Cletus who had his second TPLO surgery for his cruciate ligament rupture last week.

Munchkin is squeezable cute

Coot, our resident cat watching Dr Hubbard discharge Sam.
Sam came to the clinic in a carrier and on a harness and leash.
Way to live like a king Coot and Sam!

Dressed for the chilly weather!
This little dapper man is ready for any event in any weather!

Dr Morgan examining Charlie, the Great Dane

Rio, showing his puppy training.
He is exceptional at "Stay" for about 15 seconds.

The dog beds have been very popular at my house..
and cuddling to keep warm is a necessity!

My Jekyll.

My little Magpie.

Coots sister Loon.

Leo and Rocky. These brothers were just adopted from the Humane Society.

There has been a flurry of dogs with bumps lately.
This is Gracie's bump.
Can you tell if this a bump you should worry about?

This is Rio's bump.
How about this one?
Would you be worried about it?

Who got really lucky and wandered into a garage to stay warm, and was allowed to stay.
Thank You to all of those who are helping to care for those pets trying to fend for themselves in the cold.
We have straw available for anyone needing extra bedding,
although we are going to beg that you bring your pet inside.
We are even offering free boarding to pets in an effort to keep them safe and warm.

Inka, mid flight..

Butterscotch, another found and taken in out of the cold cat, came back for vaccines.
The man who found him is going to keep him.
How wonderful is that??

My gang dressed for the five minutes I will let them go outside.
Can you see the misery in Jekyll's face?
He hates to be forced to wear anything!

I just cannot stand how cute Penny is.


The warmest place in our house..
the bathroom.

Still with us, and doing very well.
Maybe I do know what I am doing?
Maybe she is just stubborn and lucky?
Either way I am soo grateful.


  1. This is anything but "wordless". Give you a nice feeling these animals are in such good hands........and so are the clients.

    1. Thanks for visiting! We love our patients and being a part of our community. We are surrounded by people who inspire us everyday!