Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday. October 23, 2013

Wren, says "Hey! I missed you all!"

Foxy, always in fashion!

Meet Mudder and his family!

When you have a stubborn and determined pup who needs to not be licking their foot, so it might actually heal, you have to use ingenuity!

These two black beauties are STILL in need of a home!

Anyone remember Kayla?
She was just in for a visit. And is doing great!!

Post surgery dress up, and multipurpose incision protection!
But tooo cute!

Wanna guess what this object is that is stuck in the intestines of this puppy?
I think the official count is two so far this year.

Jekyll modeling how to safely restrain the head during seizures.
And two sweet faces!

The boys from Joppa, who found this emaciated, starved, homeless dog at their fire house and kept him!

We have been buried in sick kittens!
Many BIG HUGE HUGS to Dr. Hubbard for being such an amazing foster mom!

Zoey is growing UP!! She was here for her pre-spay exam.

Our newest staff members new addition!
Little Nayla.

Rescued by a devoted couple this girl is a love bug.
But she has significant skeletal abnormalities that make every normal movement a challenge.
She and her family are an inspiration to looking beyond the handicaps.

This two year old mixed breed beatuy was rescued by Black Dogs and Company with her four two month old puppies.
She was going to be euthanized at the kill shelter she was in and her puppies adopted. 
But Black Dogs stepped in and took the whole family.
When I say that these are the most gentle, loving, affectionate, wonderful dogs that I have seen in ages, I am not lying. 
I love them!
Mom and her puppies are looking for homes
Please consider adopting them. 
I promise you will fall in love with them the second you meet them.

Little Palmer, one of the puppies of mom above. 
Who was fostered while waiting in the reception area!
Now that's when you know you are irresistible!

Bernie, looking like a ray of sunshine!

What a face!
This is Breezy, who was spayed yesterday.

Dr. Morgan got a yummy Thank-You for her spay on Tuesday!

The newest Black Dog and Company mom, and her two, only hours old puppies.

Getting ready for Halloween?
This is Ona, a staff members pup.


  1. Those are great photos! Those new born pups look so warm and cuddly!

    1. Those newborns are so tiny!! and fragile! They are in very good hands though! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Wow what a great collection of pups you've's been a busy week

    1. It was a great week!
      Lots of old friends, and a few new ones!
      Thank You for saying hello!