Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wordless Wednesday October 2, 2013

This is Charlie.
He arrived with his dad via pick up truck and unannounced.
Seems his dad knew that Charlie needed help ASAP, so he drove around and stopped at every vet clinic he came across until he found us. Luckily for them both Dr. McCarthy is a ruminant doctor too!

Charlie was treated like a rock star!
Paparazzi followed him everywhere in the clinic. 
I am sure he was the most photographed pet we have ever had!
Get Well Soon Charlie!

How many vets does it take to draw blood from a goat?
Apparently three.

What a smile!

Dr. Hubbard rescued two litters of kittens from the Harford County Humane Society last week because they are soo overcrowded that they will be forced to euthanize healthy animals, kittens included. It makes me sick to think about, but it does happen. Even here in our own small community.
Please spay, neuter, adopt, and be a responsible parent.

We have two litters of kittens looking for homes.
Please come visit them and help us give them a happy ending.

Always looking for a hand to pet him, or a stray sheep to herd.
He's all about equal opportunity. 

Here for his last puppy shot.
I have seen him almost every week for the last three months.
I am going to go through withdrawals.
I won't see him until he gets neutered.
Then it will be a whole year until his next physical.
I can't possibly make it that long!

Quite possibly the cutest Golden ever. (I might say that often).

Who came in as an emergency because her mom was so afraid
that she had ruptured her cranial crutiate ligament. 

Last week Joe and I escorted Diedra to her 20th college reunion in NY.
We arrived in NYC on Thursday to spend two days traversing and eating our way through the city.

FAO Scwartz to hug puppies.

Central Park to play.

Making a new friend.

Living dangerously.

Playing fetch.
On Saturday we hit the old alma mater, the United States Merchant Marine Academy, in Kings Point, NY. 
Mariners Chapel.

The waterfront. (I am sure it has a name. Someone will remind me).
And sure enough, Kim from the class of '92 did..
It is Crowninshield and Mallory Piers.
They sound vaguely familiar..

Wiley Hall.
AKA, if you are a student and are asked to report to here you are in deep...

Homecoming football game.
I thought we had figured out how to invite a team we could beat on this one day of the season?

Traditional plebe push-ups when we score a point.

Me and Diedra at the regimental bell in front of Wiley Hall.
Each midshipman will ring this bell after they receive word that they have passed their merchant marine third mate or engineer license.

Monday Surgery Day!
This is Shiba. She is a twelve year old Lab.
She had so much anxiety about being in the cage in the surgery area that we let her hang with us.
As long as she wasn't caged she was quiet and happy.
The bump on her face had gotten big, ugly, and ulcerated.
These masses are impossible to keep quiet.
The only suitable long term resolution is to surgically remove it.

Lidocaine is injected in the area where the mass is going to be removed.
This is a quick acting anesthetic so she won't feel anything.

With a local anesthetic and a blind fold we are in business!

After just a few minutes we had the mass removed and a suture to hold the edges closed.
Although this is not always the ideal way to do a surgery, in an elderly dog it can be the safest.

A routine cat spay turns into a cat with a large ovarian cyst.

And a dental.

Remember little Cheese?
He was neutered.

Woody had his cleft palate and eyelid fixed.
What an interesting case he is!

One hungry baby!

Jekyll ready for bed,
"see you all next week."
If you have any pet questions you can always find me, and a bunch of super helpful other people at Pawbly. Or at the veterinary hospital, Jarrettsville Veterinary Center, in Jarrettsville, MD.

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  1. Krista, it's Crowninshield and Mallory piers - although i don't recall which is which - not that up on my plebe knowledge:) Kim KP '92