Saturday, October 12, 2013

What to do if your pet is having a seizure NOW!

If your pet is having a seizure NOW you should:

  1. Move any and all objects away from your pet. SO that they do not injure themselves by hitting their head, (for instance on a table or chair leg).
  2. Move all other pets away from the seizing pet. Close them securely away. Your other pets will not understand that your pet is having a life threatening event, and they might become scared and attack the seizing pet. I have seen many pets arrive at the clinic after having had both a seizure and being attacked. I believe it is something about your pet displaying erratic unfamiliar behaviors that cause the other pets to attack them.
  3. If the seizure last more than 5 minutes, OR,
  4. If the seizures are starting to cluster (occurring together in groups), THEN,
  5. It is time to go to the vet or the closest emergency hospital!
Be very careful in picking up your pet. They may bite you. They might not even know who you are. Use a heavy towel to protect their face and mouth and to help you pic them up safely. 

At the veterinary hospital we use the "burrito method."

You may have to wrap the towel around the top of the head (keep the nose and mouth free for breathing), so that your pet cannot bite. It is easier to maintain control of the head and mouth with a thick towel that extends in front of the ears.

It is imperative to remember that a seizure is a problem in the brain, and that the brain governs every single thing in the body. A seizure can be, and should be regarded as a life-threatening event. It is an emergency. 

Be calm, be safe, and seek help.

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    1. Thank You for reading! And here's to hoping that you never need this information!