Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Raise A Happy Healthy Pit Bull, Pittie Chat Radio

My Charlie, with his Greenie.

I reached a small milestone on Sunday night. I had my first radio interview as a "pet expert."

(I know! I think I am going to make up t-shirts AND bumper stickers!)

I was asked by Shalaya and Kelli, the hosts of Pittie Chat Radio, found on Blog Talk Radio, to talk about pit bull health. As fellow avid pit bull lovers they are interested in all things dog, (especially if they are Pit Bull dog!), and the list of topics ranged from how to raise a healthy pit bull, what ailments I see in pits, diet, nutrition, behavior, neutering options, training, and duties of a responsible pittie parent.

Such a handsome boy!

I had a wonderful time talking with them, learning about their own pups, and exchanging stories, advice, and resources!

For those of you that missed the show you can listen to it here via the link. I join the show about half way through.

Thank-You again to Shalaya and Kelli for inviting me! And BIG hugs and kisses to the pups!

My pups.

It’s a Pittie Life: Raising a Healthy and Happy PitBull

New Pets Internet Radio with PittieChat on BlogTalkRadio

Many Thanks Again!

If you have any pit bull, or any sort of pet question, you can find me at, or on Twitter.

Jekyll and Charlie


  1. I love your pibble!!! The picture of Jekyl and Charlie back to back is priceless! Congratulations on the radio show.

    1. Thanks Kasey!
      Love your blog to pieces! It is so charming..and your heartfelt sincerity always shines through!