Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wordless Wednesday, The Week In Review, Bark World, Home and JVC

Life is always better with a wet nose, a smile, and your best friend by your side.

You can't see me.
It takes you an hour and a half to get them in the carrier, and they get to the clinic and refuse to come out.

At Bark World, Atlanta, Ga, 2013.
The first attendee I met. I am obviously under dressed.
But truly, he refused to look at the camera.
I think he was too ashamed.

Me, and Preston, a very famous blogger.
He wanted to ignore me too.

The fashionable couple in Atlanta.

Me and Adam, sandwiching one of our heroes, Victoria Stilwell, of Animal Planets'
"It's Me Or The Dog"
And yes, we are friends on Twitter.
Just ask me, I'll show you my phone, Its true!

A decked out stroller to be chauffeured in class.
Waiting for Victoria's talk

Joe and Adam listening to Victoria.

More friends to meet at Bark World.

Back at home. Smothering our pets with affection because we missed them so desperately.
Happy to see Oriole.

Oh, How we missed our beagle!

The ears, you had me at the ears.

There is peace in the land again.

A family field trip to the pond to check on the fishies...
Running wild beasts..the wind in your fur,
the kingdom is my playground..I am cat,,, "hear me roar!"

"FISH! there are fish? Bring them to me!"

Jekyll, the ultimate lazy dog,,,sit and wait for someone to catch something,
then beg with your best beagle eyes for a small sample.

"Now serving customer number...."

Savannah. She's not lost, or stuck, she's contemplating the quasar theory.

Sunbathing Strawberry.
Mission Impossible: Keeping sunscreen on a pig.

Back to work: Monday..on the surgery schedule:

Three sphinx kitten neuters..How oddly adorable are they?

The rescue bunch:

And at the end of everyday...
There is Wren...Oh, how I love this girl..

A gift from a grateful adorable!!
A carnation dog, complete with stethoscope, band-aid, and medical kit.

A happy kitten looking for a new home.

Yin and Yang. AKA the staffs puppies,,,
a total fluff-ball and the gentle giant. They are.great for photos.

This beauty is a perfect blog candidate.

One of my favorite girls of all time..
she can jump and spin all at the same, it's amazing to witness!

Talk to you all tomorrow!!

XOXO Krista


  1. I need to work in your recovery room!

    1. There is a never ending supply of cuties to cuddle at JVC! Come and say hello anytime!! We always need any extra pair of hands to hold a waking up kitten, or take pictures to share with others!
      Thanks for reading!