Monday, August 26, 2013

Surgery Monday, Aug 28, 2013

I'm too tired to fill in the blanks tonight..

But here's what my day looked like:

Three sphinx kittens to neuter..and their mom standing by as the recovery ward.

And for our local rescue we did three kitten neuters, and two kitten spays..

And lastly, a laceration repair on a lower eyelid.

And at the end of every day I get to head back home to be with my own bunch.

My Savannah, at 17 1/2 and still happy to see me at every single occasion and happy for a thick lawn of grass to stick her nose in to breathe in a life she remembers not too long ago.

My husband and our Jekyll,,,two peas in a pod

For many people the idea of working with animals everyday is a dream.
For me it is my real-life, and my purpose..

Happy end of Monday everyone!