Thursday, August 22, 2013

BarkWorld 2013, Day 1

These two were in front of us at the BWI airport in the security line. As I squatted to say "hello" I was told, that they are "service dogs".  "Ooops," I remembered my manners and  quickly retracted...

The first dog I met...I'm still not sure he's proud of his up-do, but he was the center of attention where where he went.

This little one was baffled by all of the lights, music, and festivities so she stayed close to mom who is a friend of a local Atlanta rescue coordinator.

This is the snack bar at the opening night social. Seriously a trough of treats..if Jekyll knew I was here and he wasn't he would be expecting a very large doggie bag..

Lulu,, of Life With Beagle...she was in search of a stray swag bag of goodies..

This little one is Windy..she spent the whole night safely in her moms arms..The consistent accessory of the day, a dog, of course.

The Pawbly group.

Yes,,this is a dance floor and, Yes, there are dogs at this disco..

Of course they have matching outfits.

The end of a long day 1.

If your pet is featured here and you would like me to add their name, or a link to any of their sites, please email, or comment. I would be happy to add it. 
Thank you to all of the attendees, staff, and supporters who help make Bark World happen.

It is the most amazing parade of devoted pet lovers to see and be a part of. I am inspired by you all everyday, and I am grateful to have a place to find so many others who feel as passionately about their pets as I do.
Find me +Krista Magnifico, and Pawbly

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