Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wordless Wednesday; My Babies, A Baby Shower, and the Clients We Met This Week

My babies, AKA bookends, Wren and Magpie.
My babies;
Wren and Joe, Sleep In Sunday.

Cuddlebugs, Wren and Oriole.

Oriole, keeping the half of the couch under close supervision.

Magpie in her bed (absconded from the puppies).

Good Morning!
The baby shower!
One of our favorite people is expecting!

The cutest cake! Made by another fellow former JVC member.

Cletus guarding the gifts, and watching those super sneaky balloons.

Two uninvited guests demand cake!

The patients I saw this week;

Waiting for the doctor!

Bilateral cherry eye and cataracts, but why is he here to see me? Allergies.

Nothing is cuter than a kid who LOVES their puppy.

Peanuts mom sent me a post-op (anal sac removal) picture.
Moms report; "She feels much better!"
We are soo glad to hear that.

Coot, our clinic cat, looking very much "at home"

Our two vet school bound boys, joining forces to get a blood sample from a kitty.

I need her, I do.

This cyst on the base of Samantha's tale was the most dramatic case of my week.
Story to follow.

Bica had a dental this week. One very bad tooth was extracted.
She wasn't too fond of spending the day with us, but she did wonderfully!

The No Kill Harford kittens; two spays, and two neuters, all adorable!

And our most favorite newest clinic kitty, Jinx. She was found by a wonderful, kind, compassionate client of ours at an abandoned home. Jinx was found missing one eye, and one leg, and such a terrible mouth that she could barely eat. Jinx received extensive dental work, including many many extractions, but she has become the most gentle loving, and hilarious kitty. We all think that she sounds like a pterodactyl. She is an absolute love! She will make someone very very happy.

And lastly, my Savannah, still hanging in there!

Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone!

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