Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pet Flipping

In 2011, with the down turn in the economy, puppy-napping went up by 40%.

Today I read another artivcle about puppy-flipping.

Indianapolis-area resident Elizabeth Arroyo got her lost dog Raiden back after seeing him advertised for sale on Craigslist, one of three apparent cases of criminals seeking to "flip" lost or stolen pets in a recent week, says Danielle Beck, who runs a website for owners of lost pets. Authorities say microchipping pets and keeping registry information up-to-date may be the best way to protect them from flippers by proving ownership.
 Pet flipping

I know, it seems unreal..unreal that in this world you have to worry, protect, and live in fear that your puppy will be stolen. To think that evil lurks in every corner of the world, and that it can strike the most innocent. it is appalling.

Here is the advice I give 
If you adopt a new puppy get them to the vet within the forst three days, bring poop (check a fecal ASAP, I don't care what a breeder, rescuer, shelter says pets come with worms, they are part of the adoption package. Expect it, and don't be upset about it). 
At our clinic we give microchips away with an examination to every pet. We do this because we think it is important. Microchips can, and do, save lives.

To read more about this please see my other blog on the subject.

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