Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kane. One of the Lost Boys


It takes a village to raise a child. Two-or four-legged the saying still holds true.

At our clinic, Jarrettsville Vet, we have an extended network or people to help the pets that pass through our halls. Sometimes it is a good Samaritan ( just this week a very nice young girl stopped to pick up a large fluffy black dog wandering on the highway and brought him to us. He was microchipped but the information was not up to date so it took us a day to find his family), or a helpful neighbor pet sitting while the family goes on vacation, or the rescues who work tirelessly day after day trying to meet the short comings off humans and subsequent endless needs of a pet overlooked or cast-away by our society.

Some of the rescues we work with are big, well funded, very well organized, and established machines. Others are small fledgling mom and pop operations. But when you boil down all of the differences they are all dedicated passionate people who go above and beyond to help a pet. They are so inspiring that I never say no to them. They remind me everyday that the good always outnumbers the bad and that I am not alone in my attempts to save the animal world. 

To say that we do a great deal of work for them, and to remind you all of it is pro bono, is an understatement and a confirmation to my business partner and husband that he is a saint. 

Not one single veterinarian ever went into veterinary medicine to get rich. I am on the slow train to break even. But I love helping these pets and being surrounded by the same kind of people. 

I posted this blog today because I am counting the days to the end of July, and trying to come to terms with some troublesome hard decisions that I have to face in early August. So, in some pathetic attempt to not poison your eyes and ears with my debacle I decided to post for my friend Cindy.

Cindy heads Black Dogs and Company Rescue, here in Northern Maryland. She has a soft spot for Old English Sheepdogs and a terrible affliction of surfing the web for any dog in absolute dire straits. Every time I see her she has some new story about some new dog that had some horrific story that she couldn't walk away from. She is a magnet for homeless, abandoned, desperate, death row dogs. 

She has walked into our clinic with the worst disease ridden, depressed, lifeless beings and somehow revived their ability to heal and be reborn into a dog again.

Some of these guys have been so severely neglected, abused, or sick that their spirit has left them. They are painful to look at, and don't even have enough strength to be afraid, or elicit any normal response to a new place, person, or procedure. 

But for every sad case that walks in, a new soul is awakened. Do they all survive? No, but the huge majority do. And they not only survive they learn or remember what it is to be loved. That gift is the fuel that keeps every rescuer looking for the next life to re-awaken and reminds us all that a fat bank account isn't the way to a full and happy life.

This is Kane.

He has some grey in his muzzle but the vets think he is around 3, and no older than 5. 

He has been neutered, is up to date on vaccines, has had a heartworm and Lyme test and is on Heartguard for heartworm prevention and Frontline for fleas and ticks. He is microchipped, house broken and he goes in his crate to sleep with door open.

He loves to swim but he doesn't retrieve well. He runs with the ball, knows sit, speak, down, roll over, give me your paw, and give me your other paw.

He isn't used to being around cats and is not sure of small dogs. He also needs to get more comfortable in the car. 

But he is a love and deserves a nice home.

We here at Black Dogs and Company Rescue just don't seem to find him one. 

He is such a nice boy and I was sure someone would be looking for him but no one stepped up, even after we placed signs all over, on facebook, on craigs list and maryland lost dogs.

He seems to have spent time with someone as he is so obedient but no one has ever come forweard to claim him. He was found in Cecil County. We put a found dog report  in for Harford Co. also. 

All  of his vetting was done at Jarrettsville Vet Center. 

We are trying to find him a good home.

Please spread the word and share his pictures.

Thank you so much,

Cindy also sent me some pictures of another other dog looking for a home. I included it in the hopes of our village being able to help one more citizen.

Pepper is a little party poodle. He is very small and a love. He is 8 years old (was a goner at the shelter) and housebroke if you take him out at regular intervals. He does not seem to ask to go out. He would make a wonderful companion to an older couple or person. Cindy.

For our part we still have three kittens that I am IN LOVE WITH waiting in the reception area for a home. They too are perfect and have all of their veterinary needs checked off.

Thank-You to all of the people in my world who love animals as much as I do, and thank-you to all of you out there being heroes even if no one else is watching. I know you are there.


  1. What a wonderful attitude about this. Thanks for posting! Pet Sitting Service

    1. Thanks for reading, and for being an advocate who helps animals. Attitude is everything after all. Take Care, Krista