Sunday, July 21, 2013

Delaware Dogs, and Hazardous Skylarking

We traveled to Rehobeth Beach, Delaware for the weekend for a mini college reunion.

Turns out this beach town LOVES their pups.

Thought I would share some of them with you.

Outside a cafe in Lewes, Delaware.
Almost every store has a big bowl of water waiting for the frequent canine passer-byers.

Second St shopping in Lewes Delaware.

My dear friend, college classmate, and fellow dog lover,
and his devoted Dane, Murphy

Murphy and Scott.
Scott and I shared a bulkhead (you would call it a wall) for the
first year of my Kings Point existence.
He would wake up, or more to the truth, come back to his room at some retched late hour,
grab his rack (metal bed resembling something found in a prison) and beat it against the wall.
Part of some torture that lasted all plebe (freshman) year.
I am still plotting my pay back.

A happy bulldog 7 month old puppy walking the beach.
All water wings and wiggling butt  and be-wilderment of the Murphy beast

Murphy will only pose if his dad is directly in front of you.

The gang, the tent,  and the tiny bit of room that Murphy left us with.

Murphy, his mom, and Bosun (Scotts dog) with his mom.

Bosun and his admirer.

Murphy, looking for his dad, or trying to steal a burger.

What a face!!

And for those of you who couldn't make it to our beach get-together, here are a few photos of the festivities!

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