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Cat On A Hot---Well, Anything. My Advice for Cats in the Heat

"Excuse me, Did you say it's

A very good client, with a heart for kitties that is as big as mine, asked me a great question today on Pawbly.

Oriole, looking worried..Well, she almost always looks worried.

Wren, never worried.

Mr. Hatchett asked;

After having our AC in our house stop working last night, I am wondering what temperatures cats can tolerate before a health hazard exists. I see plenty of information out there on dogs but little on cats

My sister Diedra's boys. Who came to visit last weekend.
Unfortunately, I think they ultimately come to see the kittens and ride with my husband in the gator.
They are playing with Cheese, who is still looking for a home.

Here is my answer;

Hello Steve,
Thank-You for the very important question!!
And for reminding us all, once again, that our kitties (which still far outnumber dogs), always have to play second fiddle to their bigger, slower, domestic partners, dogs.
The good news is that cats are incredibly smart, instinctive creatures. They intuitively know to sleep during the hottest part of the day and to stay low and hide in a dark moist spot..outdoor cats will hide under a shelter on the cool moist soil, or deep in heavily shaded foliage. They are calm, quiet, and slow their metabolism by sleeping or relaxing as a bear does in winter.
Inside cats will often find a cool floor spot, like tile (think tub, shower, sink, or bathroom floor), or wood, in the shade, and sleep.
A fan provides cooling but many cats are initially scared of the noise and the movement, so only a seasoned learned cat will use one, (but try anyway).
Running water, like a fountain, or hose also provides a source of cooling, or cool ground to relax on.
In general cats have a very high tolerance to heat IF they can get access to a cool shaded spot.
Here's where my concerns come from:
Indoor cats; Have less places to hide, or can't find soil, or water, or moving air. And they tend to be bigger (fatter) which significantly reduces their ability to dissipate heat (same holds true for bulldogs and thick, heavily muscled dogs). Or they are otherwise immuno-compromised so they do not thermoregulate as efficiently, or have trouble breathing making panting significantly harder to do.
Outdoor cats; these guys are smart, they just need to not be contained. Outdoor cats die if they get stuck in a trap, a box, a something, or if they are otherwise injured or compromised. In essence the sick, the young, the old.
As a last note, I would guess that just about everything written for dogs holds true for dogs. Except I would not try to immerse them in water (will cause stress and exacerbate heat problems) and I don't know many cats who like fans, at least initially.
I hope this helps..
Please let me know if you have any other questions or things to add.
Stay cool! And if you ever need a cool place to visit, or keep the kitties come say hello!!
Or you can board your cats in an air conditioned facility while the A/C is waiting to be fixed.

Take Care,

Magpie, the Magistrate.

Magpie will play in the water (keep toilet lid shut honey!) or lie in the sink to stay cool.

Stay Calm,and sleep through the hot days.

Or, just stay inside in the A/C.
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