Monday, April 29, 2013

Life Is All About Second Chances

A very good friend of ours, long time client, and one of the most worldly and devoted pet lovers I have ever met suffered a terrible loss recently. His dear longtime friend lost her battle with old age and the diseases that it often keeps company with.

He, like so many of us, spent tireless hours tending to her every need. He brought her in often to see if there was any new changes to her status and to see if there was anything else we could add to her long list of remedies. He coddled her, comforted her, and spent every second he could with her.

When he came in to say good bye to her we all mourned for both him and his dear departed cat.

We see death too much in the clinic. We sometimes lose our ability to relate to those who are struggling with a loss that cripples their ability to still enjoy the beauty of a sunrise, the life still surrounding us, and the foresight that things will get better. To those of us who center our lives around our pets the loss of our pet is debilitating to the core.

Oddly, I had just lost my dear cat, also named Midnight, when he lost his dear Midnight. They had both lived longer than most cats do, and had both died from kidney disease.

For our friend we wondered how he would fare facing the loss of his cat? We wondered if we would see him back, or if he could find another place in his heart for another cat.

After a few weeks of worrying we received a call from him asking us to keep our eyes open for another black cat. Within a few weeks a little black female came into the clinic looking for a home. We knew that she was the perfect match for him. Very calm, gentle, and affectionate, cuddler. We knew that she was just the answer to his sadness.

After he came in to see her he alerted us all that he would be back for her. He wanted to go home and talk to his wife and get the house ready.

A few days later he returned, carried her home and sent me this email a few days later.
> I thought I would pass along some information about the kitten I adopted formerly named Molly and now named Scout.  My former wife had a nickname of Molly so I stayed away from that.  Scout is the name from a character in "To Kill a Mockingbird" probably my favorite movie of all time.
> Anyway, the kitten is amazing.  When I brought her home, I thought there might be a break in period when she had to get used to me and would be in hiding until she got accustomed to the house, after all she had just met me.
> I was pleasantly surprised when she immediately was all over me purring and licking and rubbing.  When she was tired she would curl up with me and sleep and spent the night sleeping in bed with me.  She is a little skittish with loud noises but not with me.  I am amused that she runs from my wife (but eventually comes out).  She sits on the sink in the bathroom while I shave which was a favorite activity of Midnight.
> I just can't believe the immediate bond we had with each other and that she is providing me with just what I need.  It seems it was meant to happen.
> I thank you again for all you did for Gilda, Midnight, and me.  I am glad that circumstances caused our paths to cross.
> Steve

My Midnight.

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