Thursday, April 4, 2013

Argh! Don't get Medical Advice from Your Grocer

A client called this morning to ask me about this. It is important enough to share with you.

Please don't ever hesitate to ask your vet if you have concerns about your pets care. That's what we are here for!

Dr. Magnifico,
I have a question regarding the Natura food recall.

I called the feed store, we just bought a new bag last night, the UPC code matched but I wasn't sure were to locate the LOT #. The feed store let me know that the recall was almost a month old and they had weeded their supply already. They did mention that the last bag may have not been(I checked, it was a recalled bag and they have eaten it all, 30lbs. mixed with another food).

He stated that Salmonella was a concern for humans, not the dogs. I then made the mistake of going to the web and found this regarding Salmonellosis.

The feed store did state that the last time they did such a recall only 3 bags tested positive out of all recalled. The dogs both seem fine, but should I bring them in to be checked or is this not typically a concern? Neither have shown any symptoms, however, I have not seen their stool in over a week as we have had the flu and stomach virus sweep through our house and they have not been walked and have been on their own in the fenced yard, where I can't see what's "happening".

Thanks for your time and letting me know.


Here is my response.

Wow. There's a great deal in this email that I am concerned about. 

First whoever you spoke to has absolutely no right to be giving you any kind if advice on what salmonella can do to dogs, and they are dead wrong with their advice about it only being a concern for humans. ( Internal Screaming in disgust)!! Salmonella in dogs can cause gastroenteritis, abortion, and septicemia (systemic infection). It is also zoonotic meaning infected dogs can give the disease to people, where it is equally horrible. 

They also should offer without question to reimburse you for the dog food and give you another. 

If they do not I would dispose of the suspect food anyway. You know, better safe than sorry 

P.S. in the future you can ask me any pet question at anytime on our free website called ( share with your friends too)

If you need anymore help feel free to get me at anytime. 

Sincerely and good luck

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