Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life Lessons' and the Vets' Voice

Can you imagine how effortless life would be if all of the mistakes we all made were accumulated, documented, taught, reviewed, and then cataloged  We would all be able to saunter serendipitously through the sunny side of life?

Why shouldn't it be that easy? I mean we all essentially have the same challenges, the same basic  path through life, we should all get together sit down to discuss the challenges life has thrown us, the big and little tumbles, and help each other avoid them.

Fashion, hairstyles, cooking, relationships, kids, the list is endless. Gosh, I am almost euphoric thinking about how blissfully simply it could all be.

In my own little way I am going to try to spare you from a few of the tragic mistakes I have made.

Call it my personal testimonial for your benefit. Here are some my personal suggestions for a long, happy, healthy life.

  • OK, sunblock is a necessity. You will grow old and your skin will age you faster than anything else. Wear it everyday religiously and never use a tanning bed.

Sun burnt noses.

  • You should recycle everything at least every three years. Head to toe. That includes hairstyle, all garments, and shoes. Truly. (Admittedly, I don't live by this, but I am not sincerely proclaiming myself to be fashion-forward, just fashion-aware).
This hair style didn't last long.

That's all I can say about the human side. The veterinary side, well, that I can talk about for years. For me to tell you all that you need to know on the pet side we need a big pot of coffee, a table full of snacks, and a thick college ruled notebook.

With every medical problem that crosses my threshold I decide whether it is an indigenous problem or an environmental insult.

You see we human beings can muddle up any perfect system.

For instance, we might forget to lock up 7 loaves of banana bread and your puppy sees opportunity to score, so he does. Lesson learned, if you think your puppy might disappoint you, don't give them the opportunity to do so. Those 7 loaves of banana bread cause the delicate pancreas to go into overload, it swells, it hurts, and it causes your dog to vomit until they are emptying their own juices onto the floor. The pendulum shifts and the body starts to shut down sacrificing itself to preserve its most valuable asset the heart, lungs, and brain. without immediate medical intervention they may die.

Our own "7 loaves of banana bread chow hound" bulimic.

Lesson number two. If your pet doesn't stay in your allocated protected home they are at risk to nearly every imaginable fate. Theft, and possible horrific consequences, trauma, and it's expensive and possible fatal consequences, and your pet, like it or not, is seen by the rest of the world as just another cog in the intricate blood thirsty food chain. Lesson learned; Keep your pets close to your hip at all times.

Our most notable HBC patient.
Hit by a truck on a very busy road when the child left to be responsible for her
let her out without being on a leash.
She ran straight into the road and was hit instantly.
She has found a loving home of her own and is thriving!

Lesson number three. If the label says "Do not use on cats." It is not a suggestion. It should say, "This is very likely to kill your cat."

Lesson number four. If the vet warns you to never use scissors when cutting out mats. She is kindly trying to tell you that every person that brings in a pet that she has to sew back together has told her the same thing, 'I'm always very careful."

Cutting out a matt.

Lesson number five.  Your pet is a life-long ever changing, ever challenging responsibility  With this comes great joy, great love, health and longevity benefits to you, and expense and ultimately loss. The success of their ability to thrive is up to you. Get lots of advice, socialize them from the first moment, and ask yourself everyday if your companionship builds a stronger safer life for them and the rest of the community.

My Oriole, who was a feral stray,and is now the sweetest love.

Linda and her pair.

The kids and Jekyl in a pig pile.

If you have a concern that your pet is not safe around others (insert anything into 'others') then get help immediately. Don't wait until someone, or something is hurt.

Both of the above dogs were attacked by another dog in their household.

Lesson number six. All things are possible with love and kindness, let them guide you every step of the way.

Alright, lesson six is for all of us.

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