Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Kiki surverying the treatment area, and in the way. Not that he cares.

First I thought I would start with some updates from yesterday.

Heidi came back to us this morning for her re-check.

Heidi trying to be very inconspicous in her cage.

She looks even better than she did yesterday and even her family can tell she feels much better.

She did however decide that she felt so well that she didn't need her i.v. catheter any longer so she came back to us this morning without that. We are all hoping that she didn't eat it. (They are small, they should pass without a problem, sigh). In my defense I did tell the Technicians to send her home with an e-collar, JIC. Of course, she didn't even look at it the whole time she was with us yesterday.

We started feeding her the small i/d meatballs this morning. She gets two small meatballs fifteen minutes after we give her the doggie version iof pepto-bismol, carafate, and an H2 blocker, famotidine, the generic version of pepcid. She is eating readily and keeping it all down. (Keeping fingers crossed).

The first x-ray we took on Heidi. This is from Sunday 4 March. Notice all of the gas filled (appear blacker) loops in the belly. Her diaphgram is the curved white line structure at about the middle of the picture. The top white ball-like structure is her heart. She is lying on her back. Her head is up.

This is Sunday's x-ray with Heidi lying on her side. her head is to the left. Her spine runs along the top of the film. Lots and lots of gas filled intestines.

Yesterday's x-ray. although still not perfect, there are far fewer loops of gas filled intestines.
Off to work now. I have appointments from 3 to 8. Lots of good friends on the schedule tonight. Looking forward to seeing them.


  1. I sent her home with an e-collar damn it!!!!! Haha! I swear!!!!!

    1. I know that you did!
      Because I have the BEST Techs on the planet. Those owners, they never believe us when we tell them to keep the e-collar on.
      The dogs hate them and the owners feel bad, so they leave them off "for just a minute," which is all it ever takes. Thankfully she was fine. Hopefully she didn't eat it! lol