Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our New Years Resolutions

My husband and I made a New Years Resolution to get our health items back on track.

You know how it happens you get the rest of life's to-do's and tasks taking over your day to day life and you don't really forget, but you do not prioritize the really important thing in life, (if not THE most important thing in life), your health.

So as of Jan 1, 2012, we changed our health care provider, got ourselves into a new (and better) network, and found a general practitioner who we not only like but also is close to our home (big feat!).

Together we drew up a list of all the things we were delinquent on in the health department and started a plan to get them all crossed off.

For my husband the list has been a little longer and a little more cumbersome.

Today was "resolve the chronic knee pain."

Off to Johns Hopkins Bayview campus we went at 6 am bleery-eyed, tired, and a little nervous. In a small effort to support Joe's restrictions I went without my morning cup of coffee, (big mistake said my day long headache).

We knew that we were in very good hands when we signed up to be under the Johns Hopkins University umbrella, but what I didn't realize was how incredibly organized, efficient, and friendly they would be.

I was utterly impressed every tiny step of the way. I was also grateful to be in such an incredible institution and at ease because we are so lucky to have a great health care plan.

As Joe signed over consent for his surgery I was again humbled to be able to be a part of the best that modern medicine has to offer.

His left knee has been bothering him off and on for the last year. But over the last two months it has forced him to walk every step with a limp and taken his activity level from running daily to being able to perform basic routine daily tasks only.

Under the excellent care of  Dr. Trice Joe had a arthroscopic knee surgery today.

Ready for surgery, although with a little pre-op jitters, that for us turned into giggles.

Post-op recovery. Cookies and an orange juice.

The peek in his knee revealed that he had a tear to the cartilage, that was repaired, but also some of the dreaded osteoarthritis. So there is a very good chance that this is the first chapter in the left knee saga.

A very big Thanks to all of the ASU at JHU Bayview, and to all of the JHU personnel who made us feel welcome and at ease.

Just home with trusted walker in the lead.

Diedra sent a care package to help with the recovery boredom.
(Although I think this is on loan from her son Cody)

Joe will be home on the couch with the kitties for the next few days. But so far he feels great!
(Although I am not sure I can handle three consecutive days of the SciFi channel.)

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  1. Feel better, dear Joe. Let Krista boss you around for a little while. Love Barbara