Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's Finale

I hope that you all know me well enough by now to know that I don't make up happy endings when they don't really happen.

The week is ending here with our three diarrhea dogs as follows;

Ruby the puppy, is doing just fine. She has adjusted to her new home, her new family, and her new food. She is learning how to walk on her leash, potty training, and bonding with the new people in her life. She will be back to see us every 3 weeks until she is at least 4 months old for her puppy shots, monthly heartworm preventatives, flea and tick prevention, and thes spay at 6 months old.

One of the best parts of my job is watching the puppies and kittens grow over their first few months, and sharing their journey with the parents.

Maggie was sent home yesterday evening. She did not have any more diarrhea yesterday, is eating normally and is looking great. her parents are very glad to have her back home. She went home with a case of i/d, (Hill's Science Diet's intestinal diet, which is the commercially available counterpart to us cooking rice and chicken at home. I/d is however a balanced diet, so many pets stay on it long term, or the owners keep it on hand for the days that the tummy seems upset.)

Winston. I called his dad yesterday. He happily reported to me that Winston had not had any further episodes of diarrhea but he was a little concerned that Winston seemed a little lethargic. I told him that Winston's fecal examination came back from the lab negative. And I reminded him that a negative fecal means that the lab "didn't see any evidence of any intestinal parasites in the fecal that was submitted." Winston is eating his rice and chicken readily, and taking his probiotic and anti-diarrheal well. We decided for now to just keep an eye on him. I reminded him that we are open 7 days, and that he shouldn't hesistate to bring him in if he has any concerns.

I hope that they all have a quiet and uneventful weekend. And reminded Winston's dad to not feed him any bacon or eggs on Sunday.

Spring is Here!

And so is the weekend!

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