Friday, March 2, 2012

The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth!

Hello My Friends,

I have been struggling with this for a while.

I started this blog to share my life, my job, my passion, and because I genuinely love what I do.

I still think it is the most fulfilling, interesting, challenging, rewarding life that I could have ever imagined. There isn't a single thing that I would rather be doing than be a veterinarian.

I still feel the same compelling sense of duty, and pride that I imagnined I would have when I was 10 years old.

In many ways I feel like it took me forever to get here. 12 years of college and a decade at sea thinking the whole time how much I wanted to be on land taking care of my, and anyone's, pets. It was a hard struggle to get into vet school, and also to get out. In the end the reward was always worth the price I had to pay.

The struggles to get a sense of proficiency and competency practicing medicine after I graduated from vet school were equally challenging. Add to that the buying of a vet practice and the taking the reigns over from someone everyone seemed to adore was also a formidable endeavor.

So I thought starting a blog to share my days, and experiences would allow all of you to share in my joys, accomplishments, experiences, successes, failures, frustrations, and all of the rest of the characters and situations that make up my "real-life."

So off I went into the great unknown with yet another sense of purpose and optimism. (Oh, the lessons we never learn). The first few weeks of my blog were met with equal amounts of curiosity, concern and fear from my staff (something I have learned is a natural, unavoidable emotion to any change I ask them to consider), complaints, agruments, and threats about me using "real-life situations and stories." It has gotten to the point where I am so concerned about hurting peoples feelings that I can't write or publish anything without lowering my head and preparing myself for the onset of emotional repurcussions that sometimes follow.

My "real-life" blog has instead turned into my "editted," "happy stories only," "don't mention anything that might offend someone," "don't get to personal," account of my now more accurately described as "somewhat resembling my real-life"life. I feel like a LMN footnote that should read, "all characters are fictitious and any resemblence to a real person is simply a coincidence." And I feel unmotivated and dishonest when writing because of this.

So I have decided to try to be true to myself and beleive in my heart that this is not to offend anyone or hurt anyone but simply to tell the truth, (albeit as I see it).

My hope is to write a little everyday, and start a story based place for you to meet who is in the hospital, and who is in our thoughts in the day to day life of JVC.

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." From the Days Of Our Lives soap opera opening line.

I also started a Pet Expert Advice Blog, on
It will help be the place to go to to ask questions, show you how to do things, and learn about all things pet related.

To my dear cat D.C.. Who never let me stay upset too long and always reminded me that if you put love out there it will come back to you. I miss you everyday.


  1. Krista, I think the link is without the blogspot above, which leads to someone else's blog. And as for your sugar-coating things, it is not in your nature. That is why you are a great vet & a great friend.

  2. I look forward to reading your blog each week. I appreciate the straight talk.....what is the sense of sugar coating things or making nicey nice talk. Maybe we should all stick our heads in the sand and ignore the reality of real LIFE. Please don't stop being are awesome!

  3. I don't ever remember the Krista I sailed with ever not looking me in the eye and telling it exactly like it was. I also watched you study your butt off wanting this, your blog is great, keep the straight talk coming.