Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wordless Wednesday Blog.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!

Here's a few photos of the pets who fill my life with professional intrigue, joy, and sense of purpose.

And scattered in between the clinic cases are my own kids.

As a teaser I have included quick captions about the stories I will write soon of some of my newest patients.

My kitty Magpie, primping for her big day ahead.
"Always need to look good before facing the world."

Waiting for me to get up, and announce the new day official.

"Bulldozer" our very good friends mastiff heading back to the front desk after a quick blood  draw for his yearly heartworm and tick borne disease check.
Check in later for the informative tick disease blog.

Our good friend Pat and his 200 pound pup Dozer.
All smiles at the end of a healthy exam.

Placing an i.v. catheter for surgery.

Little Zoey, the cutest Dane pup, here for her puppy shots.
She is an amazing story. Stay tuned for hers, coming soon.


This two year old Old English Sheepdog was rescued because he was found in a field . His coat was so overgrown that the grass had grown into it and he could not stand.
Can you imagine?
He was here 

My own little trouble maker Jitterbug.
Trying to make  himself look irresistible by rolling around on my garbage bin.
He of course fell off while trying to flatter himself.

My little Jekyll pup  napping to get his beauty sleep.
How else do you maintain those luscious velvety ears?

My beloved Wren.
With a little self portrait made by her good friend Dyana

Charleston in the best bed in the house,
under the candy bar.

Have a great day everyone!!

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