Thursday, June 6, 2013

There Are Those Days

There are the days where you work 12 hours and you leave your day behind you with a strong residue of a bitter angry after taste.

Today, well today was one of those days...

Citizen number 1, Called to complain about having been charged an office visit for her dog, who she claims she is still very upset about, to schedule a euthanasia. She claims to have "been very clear on the phone with the receptionist that she spoke with about the exact fee" for the euthanasia. Unbeknownst to her, I was standing by the said receptionist when she called. I recollect exactly that she specifically asked which vet was working, explained that she refused to see me, and would not confirm coming in until she had called other places for the same estimate.

In all honesty, I do not expect, nor do I care, if someone has a preference to see, or not see me. I have given up on trying to be everyone's vet. I am the vet that I am,and I don't pretend to be anything else. I have a clear conscious and I know I am a veterinarian for my patients and not for every person. It's my cross to proudly bear.

An hour later this same client walks into my clinic and requests we put her 16 year old dog down. I speak to them, examine their very frail, very ill dog, they sign the consent for euthanasia form, pay and leave.

A week later I am on the phone with them explaining the reason for being charged an exam fee. Specifically, they remind me that they called, were told they only had to pay $50 to euthanize their dog, and then go onto to describe that they had called around and been quoted $53 if they went to the emergency clinic. They had decided to come to us because their pet had been here before. (Or was it the $3.00 savings?)?

How do I even answer this? You insult me? and then you expect me to perform a walk-in euthanasia? after I know that you price shopped for it? I am at a loss of words..I move on..

Her old sweet dog was suffering and I said good bye to her with love and's enough for me.

(If by chance that client ever reads this, let this be the icing on her cake, please call me the next time you need to put your dear old dog down. I'll happily give you $3.00.)

Citizen number 2, physical examination for 10 year old male neutered overweight orange tabby cat. The owner speaks in quick innuendos of reference to how she had to "throw this cat out last year because he was spraying her house and destroying her furniture." She claimed to "have tried everything but he kept fighting with the other cat, his brother, and it was throw him outside or put him to sleep."

"OK," I said, "if he is now an outside cat I would recommend a few things, like a fecal exam, a monthly flea, ear mite, and intestinal worm topical, and a microchip."

"OH!" she jumped in, "he doesn't need a microchip."

"It's free. It costs me $12 to give each pet a free microchip. I give it away for free because I know how important and life saving a microchip is." I explain to her.

"It's a waste of everyone's money. And, if he gets lost I don't want him back."

I lowered my head, I pursed my lips, I walked out of the room. I had nothing more to say to her.

I came home and notified my husband that I will no longer see any other clients than the ones who request me and who I know. Really, what's the point? I don't seem to be able to give up caring about these pets, even if their own parents have.

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