Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pawbly, The Introduction to Changing the Way We Care For Our Pets

Woman with dog who's question was answered on Pawbly.

Pawbly, was designed to serve pets. Plain and simple, pawbly is here to help pets.

But pawbly is unique because it is a place for people, anyone anywhere, and always free.

To do this pawbly was designed to be an open, unbiased website platform. Anyone can sign on, register,and ask any pet related question. That question can then be routed to someone locally (if there is someone available), or by topic, or by animal specialty. Pawbly therefore provides resources, potential caregivers, and  multiple options for pertinent helpful information.

For anyone with a pet who has ever wondered about any pet topic, like food, diet, nutrition, training, behavior, or medical issues pawbly provides answers.

Pawbly is here to help people find credible advisors and accurate information from the people already trained and contributing information about pets.

Ask, connect, learn about any pet issue.

For those who help pets, in any capacity, we invite you to join and help pets with your experiences, thoughts, and knowledge.

Pawbly is intended to help pets, help people understand their pets, and strengthen the bond between people and their pets.

Pawbly is not intended to diagnose, treat, or circumvent professional veterinary care.

If you are a pet caregiver of any type please come and visit pawbly. Please share your tips, articles, blogs, and insight. Who knows you might make a new friend, help a pet, or make a difference in someone's life?

Pawbly is here for you and your pet. We hope that you will join us, and we welcome your advice on making us the place for people with pets AND the people who help pets.

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