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AAHA and AVMA Raw Protein Statement

Newstat Veterinary News - fast and functional
August 15, 2012 Volume 10 issue 32

FDA expands jerky investigation
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is expanding its investigation of jerky treats to now include duck and sweet potato jerky treats.

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Law prohibts animal cruelty offenders from working with animals
A new bill signed into law in Massachusetts will prohibit anyone convicted of cruelty to animals from working with any animal, including in veterinary hospitals.

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49 human illnesses from Diamond recall
According to a July 20 report from the global food safety blog eFoodAlert, the number of pets and humans sickened by a Diamond Pet Foods recall has continued to rise.

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AAHA joins AVMA, passes raw protein statement
Feeding a raw protein diet can endanger the health of both people and animals, according to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).
AAHA plans to release a position statement discouraging pet owners from feeding raw protein diets later this week.
The second major veterinary group to take a stand on raw protein diets in recent weeks, AAHA says it is doing so because it wants to strengthen the valued relationship between human and animal.
"We value the relationships between our pets and their families – we want to strengthen the human-animal bond by keeping both pets and people as healthy as possible," said Michael Cavanaugh, DVM, executive director of AAHA.
AAHA joins the likes of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), which passed a policy discouraging the feeding of raw protein diets at its yearly conference in San Diego in early August 2012.
AAHA leaders say its statement on raw protein diets was actually developed and passed by its board of directors prior to the AVMA policy. According to AAHA, the statement was developed without any input or knowledge from the AVMA.
The text of the AAHA statement emphasizes the danger of feeding pathogenic organisms to animals that may then shed those organisms through their stool, creating danger for both humans and animals that may come in contact with it.
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What I find most interesting is the number of very angry, skeptical, and passioante Raw feeders who have posted comments to the ad.

I will whole-heartedly attest to the fact that I am NOT paid by any company, I recieve no royalties, or compensation from anyone. I have no allegiance to AAHA, the AVMA, or anyone other than my clients and the well-being of every animal on our planet.

I am not trying to sell commercial dog or cat food from any company but I am trying to educate people to help take better care of their pets.

For more information on my blog about RAW diets please see;;postID=7301419632962055173

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